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Got a static caravan and wanting to make the most of it as an investment? Take a look at our guide here…

A beachside static caravan is a handy little earner for people looking to supplement their income. Standing out from the crowd when advertising your caravan is a challenge.

caravan composite decking

With so many caravan holidays upon offer, and with UK holidays being the first choice of many holidaymakers post-Covid, we look at some easy ways to increase the appeal of your caravan…

#1 – Spruce It Up

After years of use, a mobile home can look tired. Invest in replacement upholstery to freshen up your caravan. Specialist suppliers can provide a bespoke made-to-measure service, ensuring your upholstery is as warm and inviting as you are.

#2 – Buy New Mattresses

Few things will make more difference to a person’s experience of staying in a place than a good night’s sleep. Most caravan hire happens through word-of-mouth. A great experience can be shared but so can a bad one, so a good mattress is a worthwhile investment.

#3 – Seal Out The Cold

Over time, aluminium windows can become bent and damaged. A window which will not close will allow a draft in which can make for an extremely uncomfortable stay. Repairing and replacing damaged handles and windows will ensure a tight seal against a stiff coastal breeze.

caravan composite decking

#4 – Consider Your Location

Your choice of site is a huge factor in whether you will be profitable over the summer season. Try to choose somewhere near enough that you can visit regularly to check up and maintain your van but in a location which is popular with tourists. It may be more cost-effective to move locations if better amenities are available at a different site or town.

#5 – Make It Accessible

Installation of a ramp, steps or wraparound caravan decking can dramatically improve the accessibility of your static caravan. Disabled access is not your only concern when building a ramp. Many elderly and infirm customers may struggle with steps, especially in damp conditions.

#6 – Provide Outdoor Space

The provision of a decked area can add instant appeal to your mobile home. Not only does it provide easier access, but it also gives a private seating area which is raised from the ground, making it suitable for all conditions. Composite decking is the ideal outdoor flooring solution for a caravan area.

#7 – Use Imagery

The days when a simple card in the post office window was all that was required are long since passed. After you made some improvements, take the time to take some good quality images to show how nice your mobile home looks, some people will have awful memories of caravan holidays and may not realise just how luxurious a modern static home can be. Posting good-quality images on social media will assist greatly in promoting your static caravan.

caravan composite decking

When looking at decking to improve your static home, timber is the cheapest option. However, it requires constant maintenance to keep it looking good and being safe. uPVC plastic decking is a popular option for caravans but is typically cheaply made and can be dangerously slippery when wet.

Composite decking is the perfect alternative for caravan decking. Made of recycled wood fibres and plastic, it looks like wood but is water-resistant, meaning that is not prone to splitting, erosion or rot and will not be affected by algae.

To take a look at how our mobile home decking could improve the value of your static caravan, read more here.

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