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Introducing a premium woodgrain finish that offers unrivalled authenticity.

We have adopted the philosophy that if we want to outcompete timber, then we must match its beauty. We continue to perfect and improve the authenticity of our boards in order to create high quality woodgrain finishes across our entire range. Explore why each of our wood effect composite decking ranges is best in class when compared to alternatives…

wood effect composite decking

An Embossed Finish Over A Printed Wood-Effect Deck

With NeoTimber’s embossed wood grain composite decking finish, flat spots and plastic-feel finishes that have so long been associated with composite decking products are a thing of the past. In mimicking the depth of timber’s grain patterning, our entire range of decking comes finished with an embossed “3D” woodgrain finish.

This etched finish is achieved through NeoTimber adopting an alternative manufacturing method to most, who simply print a wood-effect pattern on the surface of the board. This method is guaranteed to provide the board with an artificial finish which loses its prominence and definition over time and this means that the once refined finish of your composite boards will fade.

wood grain composite decking

Our Traditional Range Offers A Deep And Textured Finish

The wood-effect finish of our traditional composite decking ranges (Essential and Classic) is a deep, matt finish that mimics the knots and grains of timber, while the colour of the woodgrain is dispersed consistently along the length of the deck board. The depth of the finish not only provides an authentic finish that remains consistent, it offers added functionality too: improving the slip-resistance of the surface of the board.

embossed composite decking

The Advanced & Deluxe Ranges Offer A Two-Toned Appearance

Designed to emulate the deep, multi-tonal colouring that gives timber its beauty, our NeoTimber capped products offer a decking solution that provides outdoor spaces with personality in abundance. Because we disperse colour sporadically along the length of our Advanced and Deluxecapped composite” boards, we aim to match the inconsistencies that often give timber its character. This unique design brings life to our product, offering a more refined and authentic finish.

A Wood Grain Composite Decking Finish That Stands The Test Of Time

It is no secret that the effects of the seasons can often leave timber decking looking lifeless and dull without proper upkeep and back breaking maintenance. Our hassle-free range of composite decking is designed to retain its good looks – continuing to delight as the years go on. What’s more, the capped shell technology that covers our Advanced and Deluxe Boards guarantee unparalleled UV fade resistance – ensuring that the rich and full colour lasts, even after numerous summers of sunshine.

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