We are a business that is committed to providing sustainable, hassle-free quality composite decking products that are engineered to last. Devoting our expertise to developing the highest quality building materials, we have perfected our product range that betters traditional alternatives. While no one can doubt the aesthetic merits of timber, we believe that an alternative exists that benefits you, your wallet and the environment.

quality composite decking

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is a hybrid product that’s made from wood fibres and recycled plastic. The result is a dense, heavy, weather and stain-resistant deck board that won’t splinter, warp, rot, or split – unlike traditional timber which can succumb to all of these problems.

The appeal of composite decking is that it’s virtually maintenance-free over it’s long lifespan. Unlike wood it doesn’t need to be sanded, refinished, or stained. A simple scrubbing now and again with warm, soapy water will remove most dirt build-up, while a diluted bleach solution will kill mould and mildew that can grow in damp, shaded decking areas.

The benefits of composite decking

There are huge advantages of composite decking, and choosing to use this material for your outside space makes a lot of sense, and here’s why:

  • Composite decking boards never have to be sealed, stained or painted – saving you money and time.
  • Composite decking is also far more slip-resistant than wood or plastic decking – especially when wet.
  • Due to how it is made, splinters and cracks that can occur with traditional wooden decking are a thing of the past.
  • Unlike wood decking, composite decking planks do not rot.
  • Composite boards are weather-resistant and outperform wood alternatives on fade resistance.
  • No issues with warping or cracking (unlike some plastic decking).
  • With no need to maintain or replace, this all means you’ll make considerable savings over the lifespan of the deck.
advantages of composite decking
benefits of composite decking

Invest in your peace of mind

Opting for timber decking may seem like the wisest option for both you and your wallet and we get why you may think that… it is no secret that timber materials provide a more cost-effective solution in the short-term.

However, we like to think customers nowadays are a little smarter than opting for the cheapest solution out there. We believe customers are looking for an alternative answer that provides them with the opportunity to invest in their outdoor space, not simply to find a short-term fix.

Our boards are resistant to all those elements that make timber decking costly and time-consuming to maintain: rotting, mold, warping, mildew growth and damage from termites. It is this no-hassle, no-maintenance solution that shall truly save you headaches further down the line and ensure that the initial upfront investment of opting for composite soon pales in significance.

Beautiful for longer

The undeniable beauty of timber is what has traditionally made it such an appealing option for decking projects for both homeowners and businesses. It is no great secret, however, that it’s beauty does indeed dwindle. Without tiresome upkeep, cracks, fade marks and splinters soon appear and your once adored timber deck begins to look tired and unloved.

NeoTimber deck boards, with their optimum blend of plastic resin and timber fibres, are protected from whatever the elements have to throw at them. All three ranges offer long-lasting weather-proof appeal, resistance to fade, warpage and splintering – no matter the weather.

The result? The exceptional finish of our boards stay consistent for longer, and the need to maintain their aesthetics through painting, staining or sealing is removed – giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

wood or composite deck
composite decking vs wood

Installation made easy

While traditional timber installation requires drilling directly into the surface of the boards, our hidden clip system removes the need to do so. Here’s why we think this installation method is a doddle compared:

  • Results in a speedy process, as the boards simply click into place.
  • Our clips allow a 6mm gap between each board, ensuring enough room is left for the natural expansion of our boards, while also allowing for drainage.
  • Boards can be removed from the subframe without incurring damage.
  • Our stainless steel clips are designed as a long-life solution.

Composite decking vs wood – A summary

wood or composite decking

Traditional Wood
– Pressure Treated

With a lower upfront cost, traditional wooden decking can be appealing to many home owners and businesses, but maintenance, repair and replacement costs can mount up as quickly as your decks start to fade and splinter. Without significant ongoing maintenance and the costs this incurs, wood decks can lose their colour, crack, warp or bow – all within the first few years of ownership. As an investment, the cost of maintaining wooden decking over a period of years can significantly outweigh the slightly lower upfront price.

composite deck vs wood

NeoTimber Essential
– Hollow Composite Decking

Finally, a lightweight ‘hollow’ decking that doesn’t compromise on strength or quality! Made from the same material as all our decking – the NeoTimber Essential Range is the result of years of research into creating a truly robust hollow deck alternative. Just like our other composite decking products, the Essential offers long-lasting weather-proof appeal, resistance to fade, rot, warpage and splintering. Hollow decking offers the advantages of composite decking but at a lower cost – and a lower weight!

composite deck advantages

NeoTimber Classic
– Solid Composite Decking

Made from a solid profile of plastic and wood fibres, NeoTimber’s Classic decking is far more resistant than traditional wood. Even under harsh weather conditions and high levels of footfall, the Classic board remains uncompromisingly strong, while still looking exceptional. While timber’s strength degrades as it ages, the dense material that makes up the Classic board ensures that its exceptional strength remains constant throughout its lifetime. Ideal as a great-looking, affordable decking solution with low maintenance costs.

quality composite deck

NeoTimber Deluxe
– Capped Composite Decking

For those seeking the most natural look and feel, our Deluxe composite decking offers a truly luxurious finish and requires minimal maintenance. Similar to our Classic Range the composite core is solid and made of plastic and wood fibres, but here the core is encapsulated within a protective layer on all sides. This additional layer allows us to achieve new levels of look and feel while also making your decking even stronger. For applications that require the highest quality finish – our Deluxe Range can’t be beaten.

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