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What is composite decking?

Composite decking is an innovative outdoor flooring solution that is engineered to better withstand the damaging effects of weathering. Consisting of a unique blend of wood fibres and recycled plastic, this decking alternative provides excellent resistance to the effects of weathering that often plague more traditional timber decking products.

When considering whether to proceed with a wood or composite deck material for your project, while no one can doubt the aesthetic merits of timber, we believe that an innovative, high-performing alternative exists that benefits you and your wallet, as well as saving you the back-breaking amount of time for upkeep and maintenance. NeoTimber composite decking offers just the right blend of material and a unique and defined finish to guarantee authenticity and superior performance in equal measure.

Advantages Of Composite Decking

Here’s the 5 key advantages of composite decking vs wood:

advantages of composite decking


A long-life decking alternative to timber

Offering a 25-year warranty across the entire range, NeoTimber’s high quality composite decking is engineered to go the distance. The unique material blend of timber and recycled plastic makes it far more resilient to issues that often plague timber decking. Even with treatment, the effects of moisture build-up undoubtedly take a hold of traditional timber decking and the demise of your timber decking becomes inevitable. In comparison, a composite offers a reliable solution that you can count on, from winter through to summer, year-after-year.


Easy-care, high quality decking

Hours of exasperating care and maintenance often come hand-in-hand with your decision to purchase a timber deck and the threat of warping, rotting, cracking and splintering looms large as the weather takes its toll. Investing in composite decking allows you to leave the expensive tubs of sealant, paint and oil on the shelves and save the backache of maintenance. The moisture resistance of our composite decking guarantees a tougher, more robust material that requires little-to-no maintenance. Save your time and money enjoying your outdoor space.

benefits of composite decking
quality composite decking


Offering long-term safety and assurance

Timber decking owners are often faced with the daunting task of ensuring the long-term safety of their decking area. The often crippling effects of rot and moisture build-up can leave timber decks weakened, unstable and full of splinters, while excessive moss and algae growth can turn your decking into a death trap. Removing this lingering anxiety, our composite decking provides you with peace of mind on both it’s superior slip-resistance and long-term structural integrity. The material composition and design of our boards guarantees that they outperform wooden decking alternatives and offer long-term reassurance.


Your wallet will thank you in the long-run

Opting for timber decking may seem like the wisest option for your wallet and we get why you may think that… it is no secret that timber materials provide a more cost-effective solution in the short-run. But a cost that is so often overlooked is that related to maintenance and upkeep of your boards over their lifetime. In an attempt to fight the inevitable effects of weathering, the expense of stripping, painting and oiling your timber deck soon racks up and the expected savings of choosing this option rapidly diminishes. We believe customers nowadays are a little smarter and opt for the investment, not the short-term fix.

composite decking vs wood
wood or composite deck


Composite offers distinct looks that last

The undeniable beauty of timber is what has traditionally made it such an appealing option for outdoor flooring. However, It is no great secret that timber’s beauty begins to dwindle without tiresome upkeep. Cracks, fade marks, blackening and splinters soon appear, and your once adored timber deck begins to look tired and unloved. NeoTimber deck boards are designed to not only mimic the aesthetics of timber but are engineered to ensure that these looks last, even after years of weathering. The result is that they remain a defining feature of your outdoor space for years to come.

No Algae Growth

No Cracking
Or Splintering

No Painting Or Staining

No Treating Or Oiling

No Excessive Fading

No Rotting

The Benefits Of Composite Decking

No Water

No Structural

No Warping

No Blackened

No Insect Damage

No Excessive

Composite Decking Vs Wood – A Summary

wood or composite deck

Traditional Wood
– Pressure Treated

With a lower upfront cost, traditional wooden decking can be appealing to many home owners and businesses, but maintenance, repair and replacement costs can mount up as quickly as your decks start to fade and splinter. Without significant ongoing maintenance and the costs this incurs, wood decks can lose their colour, crack, warp or bow – all within the first few years of ownership. As an investment, the cost of maintaining wooden decking over a period of years can significantly outweigh the slightly lower upfront price.

quality composite decking

NeoTimber Essential
– Hollow Composite Decking

Finally, a lightweight ‘hollow‘ decking that doesn’t compromise on strength or quality! Made from the same material as all our decking – the NeoTimber Essential Range is the result of years of research into creating a truly robust hollow deck alternative. Just like our other composite decking products, the Essential offers long-lasting weather-proof appeal, resistance to fade, rot, warpage and splintering. Hollow decking offers the advantages of composite decking but at a lower cost – and a lower weight!

composite decking vs wood

NeoTimber Classic
– Solid Composite Decking

Made from a solid profile of plastic and wood fibres, NeoTimber’s Classic decking is far more resistant than traditional wood. Even under harsh weather conditions and high levels of footfall, the Classic board remains uncompromisingly strong, while still looking exceptional. While timber’s strength degrades as it ages, the dense material that makes up the Classic board ensures that its exceptional strength remains constant throughout its lifetime. Ideal as a great-looking, affordable decking solution with low maintenance costs.

benefits of composite decking

NeoTimber Deluxe
– Capped Composite Decking

For those seeking the most natural look and feel, our Deluxe composite decking offers a truly luxurious finish and requires minimal maintenance. Similar to our Classic Range, the composite core is solid and made of plastic and wood fibres, but here the core is capped so it’s encapsulated within a protective layer on all sides. This additional layer allows us to achieve new levels of look and feel while also making your decking even stronger. For projects that require the highest quality finish – our Deluxe Range can’t be beaten.

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