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NeoTimber’s WPC decking is made from a perfect blend of both recycled plastic and timber fibres.

wood plastic composite decking
wpc decking
wood plastic decking
wpc deck board

What Is Composite Decking Made Of?

NeoTimber’s wood plastic composite decking (WPC decking) is, as the name suggests – formed of a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibres. The two main materials in our products, they work together and result in high performing products, which retain an authentic finish and feel. In forming just the right blend of materials – we believe that we have found a balance that few decking manufacturers have.

So, What’s The Split Between Wood And Plastic?

While timber forms the majority of the material within our wood plastic decking; recycled plastic and performance enhancing additives make up the rest. These work hand-in-hand to enhance our products, ensuring we offer both authenticity and performance in equal measure.

W = Wood + Additives 70%
P = Recycled Plastic 30%
W = Wood + Additives 70%
P = Recycled Plastic 30%

A Hybrid Of Wood Plastic Composite Decking That Comes In Two Generations

wood plastic composite deck

The Traditional Wood Plastic Composite Deck Board

Our traditional WPC decking is regarded as the original, or phase 1 enhancement of timber alternatives. The blend of plastic and timber equips the products with a low water absorption rate and in turn, makes it hardier than timber. Just because it’s the original, don’t assume that we stopped improving, in fact, we work to continuously to improve both the aesthetics and the performance of this product.

wood plastic deck

Second Generation Wood Plastic Decking

Our capped products are the latest generation in composite decking. Through redesigning the product, we applied a tough polymer shell. Capping the composite core, we formed a non-porous, protective shield over the product, which guarantees a higher level of performance and a unique material finish. What’s more – we capped all four-sides achieving 360-degree protection from the elements.

We Don’t Just Focus On WPC Materials

While producing and improving WPC deck board materials is our bread and butter, we offer a variety of other products that support our goal of developing ultra low-maintenance, long-life and eco-friendly solutions. Take for instance, our recycled plastic subframe solutions… They come in the form of a small plastic joist, large plastic joist, plastic post and pedestal network: all of which are purpose-built, like-for-like alternatives to the more traditional timber subframe. Like our WPC deck, they do not succumb to the pressures of weather and are constructed from recycled plastic.

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