Frequently Asked Questions

What standards does your composite decking meet?2018-03-06T13:04:38+00:00

We are proud that our products comply with CE, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, REACH, Intertek Green Leaf Mark and WWF LCMP Silver standards. This means that all materials are sourced from responsible producers and that our products are manufactured to the highest possible quality.

What is composite decking and why is it superior to wood?2017-04-26T14:48:11+01:00

Wood Plastic Composite decking is a blend of recycled wood and plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Today’s composite decking offers exceptional durability, resilience and performance that you can’t get from pure wood. It doesn’t split, chip, warp or rot – perfect for withstanding the elements! Kind to bare feet, it won’t splinter and is slip resistant unlike wet wood. Already popular with homeowners, restaurants, hotels and leisure centres are starting to choose it as a sustainable solution for decking projects.

Why is composite decking more expensive than treated wood?2017-04-26T14:48:11+01:00

Composite decking may be more expensive to manufacture, but it’s a more sustainable solution. Investing in this material means that you’ll be spared costs associated with the maintenance, repair and replacement of wood decking which is more susceptible to perish, rot, split and warp – so in the long run, you’ll be saving money.

What is the difference between composite decking products and wood?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

The high quality decking boards that we offer combine the natural appearance and aesthetic appeal of wood with the durability and resilience of plastic. Wood requires continuous maintenance, is exposed to and affected by weather and environmental conditions. Composite decking is more robust and offers excellent traction, won’t splinter or warp and doesn’t need sealing or repainting.

What materials are used to manufacture NeoTimber composite decking?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

NeoTimber decking is made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood and sawdust as well as recycled plastic. The exact material composition is 60% wood powder, 30% recycled HDPE and 10% chemical additives.

How much does NeoTimber decking cost?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Initially, composite decking does cost more, board for board, than traditional wooden decking; however, the payoff you get over time in decreased maintenance costs and increased leisure time provides compelling value.

How long will NeoTimber decking last?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

Composite decking is by nature strong and durable. You can expect it to last for many years with minimal upkeep. All NeoTimber products come with a 25-Year Limited Warranty for residential applications and 10-years for commercial applications.

Is NeoTimber decking suitable for use in commercial settings?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

NeoTimber decking is fit for both residential and commercial use… We have been a leading manufacturer of composite decking for over 10 years, supplying private homes and businesses with superb quality solutions.

How do I clean/maintain it?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

This material is very easy to maintain. Simply clean with soap, hot water and a soft brush. Some people prefer to jet wash larger areas. You’ll only need to do this twice a year – for example, in autumn and spring – to remove any rubbish and keep it in great condition. It’s weatherproof, UV resistant and doesn’t attract termites!

How heavy is NeoTimber composite decking when compared with wood?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

NeoTimber composite decking boards are typically between 50-70% heavier than comparable lumber sections.

Can composite deck boards be cut/sawn like traditional wood?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

Yes – composite decking can be cut, drilled, and fastened just like traditional wood. You can make simple cross cuts in composite decking the same way you would cut any soft pine – a power circular saw will work fine. A power miter saw can provide very accurate, straight cuts, and a table saw with support extensions can make all types of cutting easier.

Can I paint or stain my NeoTimber deck boards?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

The unyielding shell of our composite decking means it never needs painting or staining. The rich colour and protective finish are engineered right into the material, and are warranted to remain free of rotting, splitting, splintering and insect damage for 25 years.

Can NeoTimber deck boards be placed over a solid surface?2019-04-17T12:39:41+01:00

NeoTimber can only be installed over a solid surface when using hollow joists. Please see our installation guide for more information and how to install using our recommended concealed FastClip system.

Can NeoTimber deck boards be glued?2019-04-17T12:40:27+01:00

Glue cannot be used as a primary fastener. Please see our installation guide for more information and how to install using our recommended concealed FastClip system.

Can I use a non-recommended fastener to install NeoTimber decking?2019-04-17T12:41:51+01:00

NeoTimber does not endorse the use of any non-recommended fasteners. If any condition occurs which is attributable to the use of a non-recommended fasteners, such conditions would not be covered under the NeoTimber Limited Warranty. Please see our installation guide for more information and how to install using our recommended concealed FastClip system.

Will NeoTimber products change colour or fade when installed outdoors?2019-06-21T15:44:42+01:00

All of our composite decking solutions are more fade-resistant than traditional wooden decking. However, how well your deck endures mother nature depends upon what type of NeoTimber decking you have. Our Essential and Classic Range’s will lighten-up in colour-tone, achieving their weathered colour after a period of up to 6 months. The level of fade hereafter will be minimal once the boards have reached this colour tone. Our Deluxe Range capped composite decking has protective shell technology which provides far superior fade and stain resistance, and in turn will not fade whatsoever.

Does NeoTimber composite decking get hotter than wooden decking when under the sun?2017-04-26T14:48:12+01:00

On a hot day with a blazing sun, nearly any surfaces will get hot. Lighter coloured boards tend to be slightly cooler than darker composite boards. In extensive studies, it has been found that the colour of the decking board, regardless if it’s made of wood-plastic composite or wood is the most significant factor in the heat retention of the board. In these studies, pressure-treated wood stained the same colour was hotter in the same test conditions.