Choosing the right non slip decking finish for you.

Engineered with safety in mind – our slip resistant composite decking comes in a range of anti-slip surfaces that give users the reassurance that their outdoor flooring will remain a safe place to play, entertain and relax.

While there is no such thing as 100% non slip decking, we understand the importance of ensuring that the surface of our boards provide a level of slip resistance that ensures a safe deck all year round. A unique blend of composite material that inhibits the growth of nasty slip hazards like algae, as well as reversible textured finishes that give you the reassurance that from day 1 – your boards will offer a safe flooring surface.

Below, we look at what makes NeoTimber the ideal anti slip composite decking brand…

anti slip composite decking

Slip Resistance And Material Finish

The slip resistance of your deck area is determined primarily by the texture of the deck board’s finish. In providing ultimate versatility, NeoTimber composite deck boards come in two reversible finishes, allowing customers to opt for a woodgrain or grooved-channel texture. Naturally, these two differing material finishes offer slightly different resistance to slipping. While the groove-channelled side provides the most traction underfoot, we have worked hard to ensure that our woodgrain finish is a deep, textured surface and have removed flat spots to provide more slip-resistance than most woodgrain finishes on the market.

What’s more – the material finish of our traditional composite decking boards (Essential and Classic ranges) are different to that of our capped composite decking boards (Advanced and Deluxe ranges) and in turn, they have differing slip-resistance ratings.

Mould And Mildew Resistance

Aside from the material finish, the slip-resistance of your deck area is determined by your board’s resistance to organic growth such as algae, mould and mildew. Year after year of moisture build up allows this nasty organic growth to multiply and ensure that the finish on any outdoor surface is not only unsightly, but slippery too. What’s more, this type of material has a habit of consuming the timber material and makes it incredibly hard to remove entirely. The material make up of our non slip composite decking makes it resistant to this type of growth and provides users with certainty that the slip resistance of their outdoor flooring will remain consistent throughout its life.

non slip composite decking
non slip decking

Slip Resistance And Laying Patterns

The direction in which you lay your deck boards has an important bearing on the slip resistance of your decking area. When testing the slip resistance of each finish – we experienced a difference between the performance of the longitudinal and horizontal direction of the boards. For the most slip-resistant finish, we recommend laying your decking in an adjacent direction to the direction of the main flow of footfall traffic. We recommend that customers consider this in the “pre-installation” planning phase of their project.

Common Issues Faced By Some Decking Alternatives

Timber Decking

Timber decking is left exposed to relentless weathering and often succumbs to moisture build up. Owners of this type of decking will know that over time, their deck can become a breeding ground for algae, mildew and moss – which is the biggest contributor of a slippery deck area. Fortunately, the plastic and timber composition of our decking means that they are highly resistant to the effects of this type of growth and therefore impacts the board’s general slip-resistance.

Competitor Brands Of Composite Decking

As outlined above, the key to ensuring a slip-resistant flooring is to enhance the texture and depth of its finish. The two material finishes of NeoTimber’s deck boards offer an etched finish. On the flip side, a common sight of alternative composite decking brands, however is a printed, artificial and flat woodgrain finish that performs poorly from a slip resistance perspective and naturally ensures that NeoTimber anti slip composite decking products outperform them on this front.

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