The NeoTimber® composite decking brand is born from a belief that superior product quality should not come at the expense of a premium price tag. The business has flourished from this commitment that originated in its former years, when supplying UK-based builders merchants with un-branded composite decking solutions. 6-years and 1000’s of deck boards later, a composite decking brand was born that strived to do what others had failed to: provide genuine value in the form of great quality boards, for a reasonable price.

Today, the composite decking company is formed of a dedicated team of problem solvers who are passionate about providing you with the best-suited products for your requirements. Here’s an insight into some of the commitments we make to our customers…

composite decking brand

First class service

NeoTimber® revolves around you, the consumer. We do not over-complicate things with long-winded product names, or over-technical jargon that serves to confuse and not inform. We commit ourselves to problem solving and we do so by making the following commitments:

  • Provide a 3-5 working day express delivery service for all projects – big or small
  • Respond to all customer queries within 1 working day
  • Provide a clear and informative service by well-trained staff
  • Provide a deliberately small product range, keeping things simple and allowing us to ensure the highest product quality possible
  • Provide free samples

What’s more, we self-distribute, meaning that when you deal with the NeoTimber® UK composite decking supplier themselves, you are dealing direct with the brand – no resellers, distributors or middle men – just the customer service and value you’d expect from dealing direct with a composite decking manufacturer.

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Engineering Excellence

We apply our expertise to guaranteeing that our boards are of the highest quality, across our entire range. From ensuring that our Essential board remains one of the most durable hollow boards on the market, to boasting  a dual sided (reversible) product feature across all boards, we apply meticulous detail to all three ranges in order better match our customer’s requirements. This claim is supported by the fairly unique promise that we provide our customers with a commitment in the form of a 25-year residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty across all three ranges – (not just our premium range). How’s that for a commitment to quality?

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Exceptional Aesthetics

The depth, texture and authenticity of the wood grain finish of our boards is something that we work tirelessly to improve. In fact, we see it as our duty to disprove the common misbelief that has plagued the industry for so long – that all composite decking has a plastic, shiny finish that tarnishes its looks. Take our Essential board, for instance… we have made it our mission to ensure that the hollow-nature of this board does not compromise the quality of its finish (as is often the case with competing products). With some hard work and investment we ensured that this board is indistinguishable to its bigger brother, the solid Classic board… now that’s progress.

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Unbeatable Value

At NeoTimber®, our priority is to bring you quality, choice and value, thanks to our knowledge and insight into the latest ideas and solutions in the world of composite decking. We are committed to bringing you the latest decking to improve your environment without costing the earth. While we place the above values at the very heart of what we do, we make the commitment that this does not need to be compromised with extortionate prices or poor customer service. We continue to build our expertise, better our product range and provide more affordable solutions to you, the consumer (and what’s more – we’re always improving).

Need Further Support or Advice?

If you’ve still got questions that have not been answered here, or you would like additional advice, support or assistance then please give one of our friendly experts a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Just give us a call on 01509 323 170.