As the demand for NeoTimber® products grows, we become more and more committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. With this, comes a calling for a nationwide approved installer programme. We are working on kick-starting the growth of a network of experienced installers that are professionals at working with our product. In forming a two-way business relationship with those on the ground, we believe we are better suited to serve our customers.

We are searching for businesses who have the experience and expertise of working with decking products and who value the importance of building long-term business partnerships with their suppliers.

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Working with NeoTimber®

As an approved installer, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted prices via our new trade discount
  • A dedicated Account Manager to ensure best service
  • Coverage across our website and social media channels
  • Sales referrals that don’t cost a thing
  • Technical support and updates on new product launches
  • A wealth of marketing support for NeoTimber® products
  • Delivery direct to your client’s project address
  • A feedback loop – whereby your comments and feedback are discussed and taken seriously

The next steps are simple… all you need to do is fill-out our trade installer form below and await a response from one of the members of our dedicated team.

Trade Enquiry Form

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