We understand that the applications of our boards are diverse and varied and for each of our client’s applications, we look to match them with the best product. We hope this guide provides you with a little more information as to what features you may need to consider when choosing the perfect product for your project.

composite decking reliability

Deep Woodgrain Finish

We have adopted the philosophy that if we want to outcompete timber, then we must match it’s beauty. We continue to perfect and improve the authenticity of our boards in order to create high-quality woodgrain finishes across our entire range. It is the depth and texture of the woodgrain finish of our boards that sets them apart.

With NeoTimber, you can wave goodbye to reflective flat spots and plastic-feel finishes that have so long been associated with composite decking products.

Durability and Structural Integrity

The materials used in our boards and the manufacturing process that goes into making them varies between each range and for that reason, their structural integrity and durability differ. Despite this, we still ensure product excellence across all product ranges and back ourselves with a standardised warranty commitment.

From ensuring only 40% of the material is removed from the core of our Essential Range (in cylindrical intervals), to designing our Deluxe board that ensures it is shielded from the elements with a tough outer wrap – our approach to creating industry leading boards is evident throughout our range, whichever your choice.

great looking composite decking
composite decking reliability

Non-Slip Decking

We understand the importance of ensuring that the surface of our boards provide a level of slip resistance that ensures a safe deck all year round. All our boards are reversible, allowing customers to opt for a woodgrain and a grooved channel surface. While the grooved channeled side provides the most traction, we have worked hard to ensure that our woodgrain finish is a deep, textured finish (removing flat spots on the surface) providing more slip-resistance than most woodgrain finishes on the market.

In addition, our boards are much more resistant to mildew growth and algae – the main reason why your old timber deck can feel like an ice rink!

UV Resistance

An issue that plagues most timber decking boards is fading from the effects of UV. This can be damaging to the surface of the boards and results in them looking tired and run-down.

The composite nature of our boards has ensured that all of our decking solutions outperform timber alternatives when it comes to fade-resistance. Our Deluxe board comes equipped with protective shell technology, providing it with superior fade and stain resistance – protecting it from the affects of fading across its lifetime. The moulded nature of our Essential and Classic boards means that they will achieve a “weathered coloured tone” within the first 6-months of installation, lightening from exposure to UV rays. Once this weathering process has taken place, the rate of colour change will stabilise.

great looking composite decking
composite decking reliability


The reversibility of our boards provides our customers with ultimate freedom on the aesthetic and functional elements of their deck. Whether you lean towards the more functional, anti-slip properties of the grooved channel finish or the aesthetic merits of the woodgrain surface – we have you covered.

Can’t choose your preference? The Reversibility provides you with the chance to create a contrast within your project… we find the sanded finish of the grooved-channel side is a perfect contrast to the polished woodgrain finish.

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