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NeoTimber® Essential decking, the homeowner’s choice.

At last, a lightweight, hollow composite decking product with the quality that our customers have come to expect. We set out to develop a hollow composite board which retains its structural integrity, durability and authentic looks – and we believe that in the Essential board, we did just that. Explore why NeoTimber’s Essential decking is a product that offers more value than most.

essential composite decking

Board Dimensions
145mm x 24mm x 3600mm


Per Board
(£37.54 per square metre)

Easy To Install
‘hidden’ FastClip system

A Full Range
of compatible supplementary accessories

A Hollow Tube Design
that’s lighter, yet still strong and durable

Traditional WPC
blend of wood fibres and recycled plastic

Why Choose NeoTimber® Essential?

The Essential range comes equipped with a hollow ‘tube’ design, which promises a lightweight composition without the compromise on strength and durability. What’s more, we remove a fraction of the material within the core in order to better match the strength of the board’s solid alternative. Traditional Composite Decking Hollow Tube DESIGN Hollow Tube Less Material Removed Woodgrain Finish A deep, textured woodgrain is a sight rarely seen on hollow composite deck boards. With many manufacturers tending to simply print a wood-effect finish on to the surface of their boards. The Essential stands head and shoulders from the rest with an etched, deep finish.
Best Price Composite Decking EMBOSSED Etched 3D Woodgrain
A unique material finish and deep texture (as well as a resistance to the damaging effects of algae growth) equip our Essential board with excellent slip-resistance, ensuring that your outdoor space remains a safe place to entertain, live and play. Excellent Slip Resistance Anti-Slip Finish Durable And A hollow board with the same warranty as its solid alternatives? That’s a seal of quality that is matched by few in the industry. We have worked to continuously improve our Essential range to ensure it competes on almost all fronts with its bigger brother, the Classic board. Wood or Composite Deck Long Lasting Added Strength Secure Fixing Reversible Some people prefer a wood grain finish – some prefer grooves. Our Essential range of composite deck boards has both on a single plank… One side is a realistic wood-grain finish for a natural look, while the reverse is a grooved pattern for a more contemporary feel. Benefits of Composite Decking Finish Grooves Grain

Like Timber, But Better.

NeoTimber’s composite decking offers more than most, providing the benefits that guarantee less maintenance and more peace of mind.

Very Low Maintenance
All our boards are hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

No Rotting Or Warping
A unique material composition resistant to the damaging effects of moisture build-up.

25 Year Residential Warranty
High-quality, long-lasting products with a 25-year warranty.

10 Year Commercial Warranty
A solid 10-year commitment of durable decking for commercial applications.

No Treatment Required
No need to paint, oil, stain or seal the deck boards.

No Splintering
The material composition ensures long-term safety and assurance.

Strength And Durability
Unlike timber, our boards retain their strength and durability throughout their life.

A long-lasting material composed of a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres.

hollow composite decking
lightweight composite decking
essential composite decking
hollow composite decking
lightweight composite decking





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Incredibly Durable. Beautifully Finished.

See For Yourself

At NeoTimber, we understand that choosing the right floor for your outdoor space is sometimes a challenge and often a decision that deserves careful consideration.

NeoTimber’s range of composite decking is best seen up close and personal and we believe samples are an excellent way to get an idea on how NeoTimber can transform your outdoor space.

Order 3 FREE samples direct to your door and begin planning your outdoor project today.

essential composite decking

Tech Specs. At A Glance.

essential composite decking

Recommended for residential decking projects.

Board Size:
145mm x 24mm x 3600mm

Weight Per Board:

Low Maintenance:


Fade Resistance:

Stain Resistance:

Slip Resistance:

Purpose Built. Easy To Install.

Fit Essential Composite Decking In Four Easy Steps

NeoTimber’s range of purpose built fixing solutions are designed to make installation that little bit easier. A secure system that works hand-in-hand with our boards, our range of clips provide a functional yet discreet solution to help fit your deck.

View our instructional 4 step video and see for yourself how quick and easy installation can be. For more help installing NeoTimber’s full range of products, head over to our comprehensive installation resources section to get started!

essential composite decking

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