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Essential Decking.
The homeowner’s choice.

At last, a lightweight hollow composite deck board with the quality our customers have come to expect. The Essential Range uses our special hollow ‘tube’ design to ensure that while the boards are lighter – there’s no compromise in their strength. What’s more, the woodgrain finish of our Essential range just got an upgrade – resulting in an even more textured and authentic finish. And of course they look great too!

  • Board size: 142mm x 24.5mm x 3600mm

  • £20 per board (£38 per square metre)

  • Easy to install ‘hidden’ FastClip system

  • Full range of compatible accessories

Beautiful Composite Decking

Extremely Low Maintenance

25-Year Residential Warranty

10-Year Commercial Warranty

Long-Lasting Looks & Durability

Best Price Composite Decking

Lightweight. And long-lasting.

– Does not splinter, split, rot or warp –
– Does not need seal, stain or paint –
– Low water absorption rate –
– Resistant to mould and fungus –
– Not susceptible to insect damage –

NeoTimber Essential composite decking delivers the benefits of our advanced composite decking material in a more affordable, lighter weight package that’s easy to handle and install. We use a special combination of recycled plastic and wood fibres which ensures that the planks are resistant to issues that often plague timber materials. Our Essential boards do not rot, warp or splinter and outperform timber alternatives on resistance to fading across their lifetime.

No Rotting

No Warping

No Need To Paint, Stain Or Seal

Slip Resistant


Cheap Composite Deck

More material for your money.

While other manufacturers remove as much as 80-85% of the material within the core of their hollow boards, we ensure only 40% is removed from ours. What’s more, we remove this material in circular increments (rather than rectangular holes) – giving them greater strength and resistance to issues such as warping or splitting.

Two great looks. On a single plank.

Some people prefer a wood grain finish – some prefer grooves. Our Essential Range composite deck boards have both on a single plank!

One side is a realistic wood-grain finish for a natural look, while the reverse is a modern grooved pattern for a contemporary feel.

The reversible planks mean you can choose which look is right for your deck. And, of course, there’s nothing stopping you changing your mind in a few years time and flipping the boards over if you fancy a change.

Cheapest Composite Decking

Grey. Teak. Chocolate. The Essential colours.

Grey Swatch Composite Decking

Essential Grey

Teak Swatch Composite Decking

Essential Teak

Chocolate Swatch Composite Decking

Essential Chocolate

Our Essential Range comes in three distinct colour variations, contemporary Grey, dark Chocolate or warm Teak. We also offer matching Skirting and Corner trims for each colour, so you can get the perfect finish for your project with no compromises.

Note – Studio photography and/or your browsing device may not give an accurate representation of the colours. To see the colours personally, please Request Free Samples. To get an idea on how our Essential boards look at the point of reaching their weathered colour tone, please Visit Our Gallery.

Easy to install.

Install Composite Decking

All NeoTimber composite decking is easy to install regardless of whether you’re replacing a wooden deck or starting from scratch. Our grooved edge boards install with our FastClip system hidden beneath the decking, leaving a smooth, screw-free finish.

The FastClip system makes installation easy, no need to drive hundreds of screws through the planks themselves, just attach the clips and lock the planks together for a sturdy, effective deck. We sell a complete range of accessories including clips, screws and joists specifically designed for each range, offering a one-stop solution for your decking project.

Low maintenance.

Composite Decking Maintenance

A simple clean twice a year is all your composite decking will need to stay looking great.

Say goodbye to replacing rotten wooden planks or embarking on an endless cycle of staining and re-finishing, just get out a bucket of soapy water (or a composite decking cleaning solution) and a stiff broom and give your decking the once over. And that’s it.

You’re going to save money and time and those savings just get greater every year!

Grey Decking
Light Oak Composite Decking
Composite Decking Steps
Light Grey Composite Decking

Technical Specifications

  • Board Size: 142mm x 24.5mm x 3600mm
  • Weight (per metre): 3.11kg
  • Weight (per 3.6m board): 11.12kg
  • Board Type: wood polymer composite (not capped)
  • Surface Texture: reversible ‘grooved and wood grain’ option
  • Colour Options: grey, teak and chocolate
  • Fixing Method: hidden ‘easy-install’ FastClip system
  • Material Composition: 60% wood powder, 30% HDPE, 10% chemical additives
  • Density: 1.33g/cm3 (ASTM D792-13)
  • Bending Strength: 40.4MPa (ASTM D790-10)
  • Tensile Strength: 25.5MPa (ASTM D638-14)
  • Impact Strength: 72 J/m (ASTM D4812-11)
  • Shore Hardness: D72 (ASTM D2240-05)
  • Water Absorption: 1.15% (ASTM D570-98)
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty for residential applications; 10-years for commercial applications
  • Certifications: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, Intertek Green Leaf Mark, WWF LCMP Silver

Installation, Warranty & Care


Installing NeoTimber decking, either as a replacement for an existing wooden deck or as a new project, is straight forward and simple. Click here to see how to install our decking using our innovative FastClip system.


At NeoTimber, we want you to spend your time enjoying your decking – not maintaining it. Because of NeoTimber’s high durability and resistance to water damage, mould, fade, and scratches, we are able to offer a Limited 25-Year Warranty (10-year for commercial applications) that covers material defects on all NeoTimber planks. For more information please click here.

Care & Cleaning

As with most exterior building materials NeoTimber will require cleaning periodically. We advise a simple cleaning routine using either a composite deck cleaner (or combination of soap and hot water) and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt build up. Cleaning should be performed when necessary, but ideally just a couple of times a year. We recommend cleaning just after installation and then on a six-month basis thereafter (typically spring and again in the autumn). This will help to maintain the beauty of your decking for years to come.