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We understand that the applications of our boards are diverse and varied; explore the most popular of these applications below.

composite decking reliability

Extend your home’s living space to the garden with our range of high-tech composite decking. Our boards create additional space for you, your family and your friends to enjoy life outdoors. The transformative powers of decking make garden projects the most popular application for traditional timber decking. Our composite solutions, however, provide you with added peace of mind that they will stay looking brilliant, for longer.

Often not as accessible as gardens, balconies can prove a little cumbersome if issues with your decking arise further down the line. Our composite boards provide a brilliant solution to residential balcony projects due to their long-lasting, hassle-free features. Meaning you get a stylish looking deck without running the risk of it requiring constant up-keep throughout its life, saving you the hassle further down the line.

great looking composite decking
composite decking reliability

Our products are engineered to last… giving them a commercial stamp of approval, no matter the application. From restaurant and hotel balconies through to school and nursery play areas, our composite boards provide the ultimate long-lasting solution to any commercial project.

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