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Here at NeoTimber®, we are committed to providing excellent quality products at affordable prices. We have worked tirelessly to bring to market boards that are incredibly durable and beautifully finished. We don’t want you to take our word for it, however admire our products yourself by ordering some free composite deck samples. Select up to three composite decking samples you would like to see and fill in our short online form. Once you have submitted your request, your samples should arrive within 3-4 working days.

Select 3 Samples

  • Essential Grey
    Essential Grey
  • Essential Teak
    Essential Teak
  • Essential Chocolate
    Essential Chocolate
  • Classic Grey
    Classic Grey
  • Classic Teak
    Classic Teak
  • Classic Chocolate
    Classic Chocolate
  • Deluxe Grey
    Deluxe Grey
  • Deluxe Teak
    Deluxe Teak
  • Deluxe Chocolate
    Deluxe Chocolate

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