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Choose NeoTimber’s composite decking for your balcony or terrace.

A balcony is a unique architectural feature which gives you a unique viewpoint. Many famous historical events have occurred on balconies, the Pope delivering his sermons and Wills and Kate greeting the public as husband and wife. In literature also, the balcony is significant, such as in the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Unique as a space to spend time watching the world go by, an outdoor balcony is uniquely exposed to the elements and is prone to damage, as a result, timber balconies can become unsafe due to rot and erosion. Composite decking is the perfect solution for a good-looking, easy maintenance deck for your balcony.

When choosing a material for your balcony you should look to find the most robust, cost-effective option with minimal maintenance. Balcony composite decking from NeoTimber® gives you a real workable alternative to timber which makes good financial sense. Balcony composite decking is water-resistant, never requires painting, stripping, or varnishing and is supplied with a 25-year residential warranty. Providing a non-slip, stain-resistant material, NeoTimber® composite decking is the safer, more durable alternative for your balcony.

Composite Decking Is The Perfect Flooring Solution For Your Balcony

balcony composite decking
balcony composite deck

A Product That Performs In All Conditions

A balcony is exposed to the elements in all weathers, and simply because of their design, they are naturally harder to maintain. This means that timber can rot, and joists can become damaged easily.

Composite decking, when supplied with plastic lumber joists (which have no wood composition) are therefore completely impervious to moisture absorption. This subframe, the pedestals, and composite deck boards all work together to aid drainage and prevent standing water.

Balcony Composite Decking Is Easy To Maintain

As a landlord, by far the greater proportion of your outgoing cost comes from ongoing maintenance, rather than the initial set up. You can minimise your costs by choosing balcony composite decking for your low-rise apartments.

Because of the composition of our deck boards, they resist water. This means that they never require stripping, sanding, painting or varnishing and need simply to receive a good scrub every now and again to keep them looking nice and shiny.

balcony decking
balcony composite decking boards

Composite Decking Is The Safest Option For Balcony Flooring

Safety is always a primary concern for contractors and landlords alike. Timber balconies may be cheap to install, but lawsuits are rarely cheap. Timber is liable to water erosion, warping, splintering and can even break. Composite decking, built upon a plastic subframe is strong, robust, resistant to the elements and is supplied in a grooved non-slip finish to increase grip and prevent accidents.

The quality assurance, safety and reliability of an outdoor flooring product are crucial components of any balcony or roof terrace decking installation.

Fire-Rated To Ensure For Application On Low-Rise Developments

The Grenfell Fire and other major events have highlighted the importance of choosing the right buildings materials. For this reason, we only ever sell balcony composite decking where low-rise developments are specified. This is because our composite is “Cfl-S1” (EN 13501-1) fire-rated, ultimately meaning it is not suitable for high-rise developments.

Check the specifications for your project, most low-rise plans will allow for “Class C” fire-rated composite materials to be used. Doing so reduces weight and maintenance costs and increases safety and security.

balcony composite decking

“Having dealt with NeoTimber® on two separate occasions, I can safely recommend them as a supplier who offer a brilliant quality product. The product transformed our two previously unloved balconies.

Beverley - Home Owner - Leicestershire

Balcony Composite Decking – Related Case Studies

Over the years, we have supplied balcony composite decking for a vast range of residential and commercial applications. From wedding venues to residential, we have transformed these lovely balconies and terraces with the introduction of our stunning composite decking.

To read more about these projects, take a look at our brief, and see the completed projects. Just click on the summary below with just a small sample of our recent balcony composite decking projects…

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See For Yourself

At NeoTimber®, we understand that choosing the right floor for your balcony or outdoor terrace is sometimes a challenge and often a decision that deserves careful consideration.

NeoTimber’s range of balcony composite decking is best seen up close and personal and we believe samples are an excellent way to get an idea on how NeoTimber® can transform your outdoor space. Order 3 FREE samples direct to your door and begin planning your outdoor terrace project today.

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