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NeoTimber’s composite decking is an ideal solution for low-rise roof terrace and balcony areas.

Balconies and roof terraces make perfect decking areas. Traditionally, however, these areas have been plagued by rapidly ageing timber materials that have required constant up keep to ensure that they remain structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing… not an easy job when you consider that balconies aren’t always as accessible as most gardens or patios. NeoTimber offer an alternative: the ideal roof terrace and balcony composite decking solution for low-rise building projects. Explore below what makes NeoTimber’s composite boards brilliant for balconies.

balcony composite decking

Brilliant For Balconies

Our boards ensure structural integrity, longevity and great looks that make them the perfect solution for all balcony projects. Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Unlike timber boards, our decking (and associated subframe) will not rot, ensuring a safe and structurally-sound foundation
  • Our hassle-free balcony composite decking solutions require little to no maintenance
  • All our balcony composite deck boards are slip-resistant (pretty important if you’re high up)
balcony composite deck
balcony decking
balcony composite decking boards

Assurance That Comes With A Quality Product

The quality assurance, safety and reliability of an outdoor flooring product are crucial components of any balcony or roof terrace decking installation. NeoTimber’s composite decking products have a proven capability to offer both of these features in abundance. Long-lasting structural integrity, high slip-resistance and the promise of low-maintenance takes the headache and anxiety away from users… an ideal balcony and roof terrace composite decking solution.

A System Designed To Aid Drainage And Water Run-off

Improper water drainage on a roof terrace or balcony decking projects can lead to a real headaches further down the line. Aiding drainage on these types of installs is vital and NeoTimber’s composite decking and accompanying accessories and subframe ranges offer a purpose built solution. The NeoTimber FastClip system offers enough drainage between boards which prevents pooling, and these can be screwed directly into metal, wood, plastic or composite joists. What’s more – NeoTimber’s range of adjustable pedestals offers an excellent solution for roof terrace installs.

A Fire Rating Fit For All Low-rise Balconies And Roof Terraces

Complying to building regulations is crucial to ensure safety and suitability of products. The classification of NeoTimber’s composite decking is in keeping with the industry norm for wood composite products and stands at Class C. The exact classification of NeoTimber composite deck boards is “Cfl-S1” (EN 13501-1). NeoTimber’s Class C fire-rated composite decking provides an excellent solution for low-rise balconies and roof tops, on both residential and commercial projects.

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