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Explore some composite decking ideas that are certain to level up your decking project.

While we provide the composite decking kit, it is our customers who get creative. Create a truly unique composite deck design and be inspired by some of the interesting concepts and additional designs that some customers have formed out of our composite deck boards. We hope our list of composite decking ideas will truly set your space apart from the rest.

composite deck design

Picture Framing

A composite decking design that is guaranteed to transform even the simplest of projects – picture framing involves forming a neat border around the edge of your deck. This simple idea can be incredibly effective and works brilliantly with NeoTimber’s range of reversible decking.

Like the look of this idea and keen to replicate it for your project? Check-out our installation resources to explore our picture framing step-by-step guide.

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Diagonal Runs

To avoid large expanses of linear runs of decking, some installers will get creative and incorporate diagonal runs across their project. This solution provides your decking area with a more sophisticated and refined finish, offering something a little different to most areas. While this installation method can acquire a higher wastage allowance, our easy installation clip system makes installation more straight forward than you would imagine.

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composite decking design
composite deck ideas

Curved Edges

Curved edges add a more dynamic and distinguished feel to your project. This is made easier with our boards, which cut very much like timber. What’s more, the level of bend in our skirting trim allows you to fascia this curved edge. With a good deal of pre-installation planning, this can be achieved relatively easily. We would, however, recommend upping your wastage allowance slightly in order to cover for the inevitable off-cuts that this application incurs.

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Decking Steps

The majority of raised decking projects will require installers to factor steps into their initial design. Our range of composite decking accessories provide you with numerous fascia options for each step depending on your preference.

You are faced with a wide array of options when incorporating steps into your decking project. In our installation resources, we provide information on step framework and fixing options which breaks down a number of ways that you can go about it.

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composite decking ideas
composite decking ideas UK

Decking Lighting

Illuminate your decking by incorporating lights into your area. Ideal for brightening up your project at night and allowing you to stay outside for longer, this addition can be simple to install and very effective. In both residential garden and commercial applications, this decking design idea offers both a functional and aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

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