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While we provide the kit, it is our customers who get creative. Create a truly unique composite deck design for your outdoor space and be inspired by some of the interesting concepts that some customers have formed out of our composite deck boards.

composite deck design

Picture Framing

A popular choice for a lot of our customers, picture framing allows you to create a neat boarder around the edge of your decking project, transforming even the simplest of projects. This option is relatively easy to tackle and does not acquire an excessive amount of wastage.

Diagonal Runs

To avoid large expanses of linear runs of decking, some installers will get creative and incorporate diagonal runs across their project. This solution provides your decking area with a more sophisticated and refined finish. While this option looks fantastic, this is notoriously difficult to achieve and can acquire a high level of wastage.

composite decking design
composite deck ideas

Curved Edges

Curved edges add a more dynamic and distinguished feel to your project. This is made easier with our boards, which cut very much like timber. What’s more, the level of bend in our skirting trim allows you to fascia this curved edge. With a good deal of planning, this can be achieved relatively easily. We would, however, recommend a wastage allowance to cover for the inevitable off-cuts that this application incurs.


The majority of raised decking projects will require installers to factor steps into their initial design. Our range of composite decking accessories provide you with numerous fascia options for each step depending on your preference.

composite decking ideas
composite decking ideas UK


Illuminate your decking by incorporating lights into the surface of your boards. Ideal for brightening-up your project at night, this addition can be simple to install and very effective. This is also a popular way-finding solution in commercial installations.

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