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Tips to transform a small deck area into your outdoor sanctuary. Try these tricks and space-saving ideas and pack a punch with your patio.

If outdoor space is at a premium and you only have a relatively small deck area, making sure you squeeze every drop of functionality from it is key. It’s a fun challenge to maximise every inch of available space from an area. We’ve got five great tips and small garden decking ideas to share to help you on your way…

1. Plants

Grouping pots together with different heights of flowers, grasses etc can look fabulous, whilst only taking up a small area of your decking. If you like the natural look and want to create colour and texture, invest in some frost-free planters that you can move around and change planting schemes as often as you want to. Variety is the key here.

small decking ideas
small garden decking ideas

2. Furniture

Think about the furniture you want to put in this space and look at the proportions. Do you want reclining chairs that when fully outstretched take up all the space? Or would you prefer a chair that doesn’t recline fully, leaving space for a side table or maybe a fire pit?

There are many options of stacking furniture which can work really well if you occasionally need to seat a family. Some chairs and nests of tables stack together, which, when you’re not using them can work as a side unit. These are brilliantly versatile and definitely worth a look.

If you need to address space issues, you can opt for multi-functional pieces of furniture. Use table and chair sets that transform into recliners and oven units that double as dining tables and so on.

3. Optimise Space

Embracing the area of wall/fence/boundary space surrounding you. Stunning backdrops can be created with planting walls – offering colour, texture and variety. Mix it up with some large mirrors and you can create the ‘wow’ factor.

small decking ideas
small garden decking ideas

4. Decking

Don’t fall into the trap of installing decking that is too small for the use you have in mind. It’ll frustrate you enormously if you do. If anything, oversize your decking (as much as you can). For example, if you have a narrow garden, deck from wall to wall to overstate the width of the space.

5. Use Every Inch

Make sure you plan your project really carefully. Spend time researching different ideas. Ultimately, the aim is to optimise an external space that works for you, so be clear from the outset what requirements you have for this area and keep these at the forefront of your mind when making all your decisions.

small decking ideas

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