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We are constantly asked “can you install a fire pit on composite decking?”, below we have your answer…

Fire pits, like hot tubs, are becoming an increasingly popular fixture of outdoor garden spaces. They create ambiance and a cosy atmosphere when sitting outside at night, they add a focal point when entering your garden and not only that – they also have practical benefits such as keeping you warm when there is a light breeze.

fire pit on composite decking

This article is designed to provide you with inspiration on different fire pit designs and how to install a fire pit in your outdoor space.

Tip #1 – Sourcing The Right Fire Pit For Your Space

One that won’t damage the surface of your deck is important. There are many different design ideas out there and it would all depend on whether you are looking for a freestanding, portable fire pit, one that is sunken into your decking space or one that is built up with brickwork.

fire pit on decking

Your fire pit needs to complement the firm fixtures within your outdoor space. So, whether you have a traditional-looking garden or a more contemporary style, this ultimately will decide what type of fire pit you choose.

For example – a stone gas fire pit that involves brickwork built around the fire pit can work well in a classic British garden, whereas a fire pit submerged into a table or opting for modern-looking glass wind guards within your fire pit will work better within a more contemporary space.

Another design feature which we are seeing a trend around is built-in seating either made from composite decking or even polished concrete, which sits around fire pits, which is the epitome of modern design and the perfect chill-out zone for those snug nights outdoors.

Tip #2 – Protecting Your Deck

When installing a fire pit onto your deck, there are a few things you need to consider. It is important to remember that NeoTimber® composite decking is made up of both timber and recycled plastic, neither of which are resistant to the effects of intense heat and fire. Therefore, laying a protective mat or laying it on an alternative, more fire-resistant surface is recommended so that it doesn’t damage the deck board.

fire pit on composite decking

We advise you perimeter your fire pit with a different material, for example, gravel. You can even picture frame a section of your composite decking and gravel the inner side of this with your fire pit in the centre. Adding a mat or laying your fire pit on an alternative surface is recommended to prevent any damage occurring to your decking boards as when the fire spits embers it could potentially burn or mark your boards.

Tip #3 – Making The Fire Pit A Main Focal Point Of The Deck

This one is obviously up to personal choice, but a popular trend is making the fire pit the focal point in your garden, whether you are walking out of bi-fold doors onto your decking space, or your decked area is towards the back end of your garden and it’s something your eyes are drawn to when entering the garden.

Either way – a fire pit could arguably be the star of the show in your space.

fire pit on decking

So, if you were looking to add a fire pit to your composite decking space, then you should now be able to make the perfect approach to installing one. Ensure to order some free samples if you are a composite decking newbie and looking to upgrade your timber to composite.

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