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Seven top tips packed with outdoor living inspiration to help you transform your outside space into a mini haven.

Making an outdoor space an extension of the indoors is a rapidly growing trend. Many of us are looking to live healthier lifestyles, and this often includes spending more time outdoors. If you are planning to create an additional, al-fresco living space, then keep reading to find out our seven outdoor living tips on how to create the perfect ‘outdoor room’.

1. Connecting Indoors And Outdoors

One simple and effective way of embracing the outdoors more readily is to make a physical connection between your indoor space and the outdoors. For example, running your flooring seamlessly through your kitchen and continuing it into the garden can look stunning. Wooden internal flooring paired with composite decking is a great combo. Team this look up with some bifold doors and you’ve immediately created a fabulous space and made the outdoors much more accessible.

outdoor living inspiration
outdoor living tips

2. Lighting

Outdoor living inspiration often comes from using lighting to create the right ambience. So think carefully about where you need light and where you want light. Also, ask yourself – do you want to invest upfront and install permanent, hardwired lights, or opt for a cheaper, semi-permanent solution (fire bowls, twinkly lights etc)? Alternatively, you can light your space immediately and cheaply using temporary light sources such as candles and storm lanterns.

3. Heating

It’s worth investing in some form of outdoor heating if you want to continue your external evenings after the sun has dropped. There are many gas and electric heaters available on the market, so it’s worth doing some research. What are your heating requirements? Are you regularly trying to keep 10 people warm? Or are you wanting to create a warm glow for an intimate twosome? Do you want your heater to sit on a table or be freestanding? Your answers will determine what products are going to work best for you. Another option is a fire bowl – more about these later.

outdoor living inspiration
outdoor living tips

4. Furniture

Choose high-quality furniture that is specifically built for outdoor use. Pick materials that weather well and will continue to look good year after year. Size is important. The smaller your area, the smaller your furniture will need to be if you want it to look in proportion. Be mindful about weight and buy lightweight pieces if you’re going to be regularly rearranging the setting.

5. Think Low Maintenance

Make sure that all your outdoor products are low maintenance and practical. Choose easy care furniture to ensure that it stays looking good as you will easily be able to resolve any spills or marks. The idea is to create an outdoor space that allows you to kick back and relax in. So don’t choose anything that is high maintenance.

outdoor living inspiration
outdoor living tips

6. Create A Focal Point

Just as with all reception rooms, your outside space will benefit from having a focal point. Fire pits are a great centrepiece to any setting, providing heat and light. Other objects you may consider could include a stylish piece of furniture, a plant wall, mirrors or even some artwork!

7. Soft Furnishings

Don’t overlook the effect that soft furnishings have on a space. A rug placed on your decking can be transformational. Add scatter cushions, tablecloths and even outdoor curtains, to soften up your space. The more you dress this space, the more enticing it will become.

outdoor living inspiration

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