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Transform your outdoor space with a splash of our new composite decking colours.

Whether you’re a minimalist trendsetter or a fan of the more traditional look, we have a composite decking colour for your space. NeoTimber® composite decking has a 25-year warranty so it’s important to choose carefully, as its colour can determine the underlying theme of your garden or balcony for many years. We’ve created NeoTimber’s guide to composite decking colours to help you decide.

We have five popular composite decking colours to choose from: If you’re a fan of the more traditional look, our antique, chocolate and teak boards give you the timeless look of timber, without the constant maintenance. For the clean, pristine, outdoor living aesthetic, we have some nifty shades of grey. Our charcoal, grey and antique boards convey an altogether more modern feel with crisp edges and modern shades. To help you weigh up your options, we’ve provided a useful guide to help inspire your decking design.

The sleek, modern finish of our grey boards provide customers with the opportunity to transform their outdoor space into a sophisticated secret hideaway. Explore how our grey, light grey and anthracite composite decking can put a modern twist on your space.

Our premium range offers something truly special, a carefully designed two-tone board with hints of honey and black to give a faded, natural stone colour finish. Bring the indoors out and embrace alfresco dining with our luxurious range of antique composite decking.

Rich, indulgent, tempting dark chocolate… composite decking. OK, you can’t eat it, but it looks almost good enough to eat! Giving you all the benefits, without the upkeep, have a look at our chocolate brown composite and see how closely it resembles natural stained wood.

Make a statement with your garden design, paint it black! Our Black Charcoal composite decking is bold and audacious. Give a look of suave sophistication to your barbecues. Built to last, your decking will resist the worst that the weather can throw at it.

Our Teak range is golden in colour, resembling traditional hardwood flooring. A striking alternative to the standard options, Teak is an exclusive range for the discerning client with a taste for something truly unique. This rugged deck is as hard-wearing as it is stunning.

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