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Create a striking impression with NeoTimber’s range of black composite decking.

NeoTimber’s charcoal black composite decking is an enigma. It’s bold and brave and beautiful. Conversely, it’s cool, confident and calming. To make a statement, take a risk, paint it black. Like your secret tattoo or your private pet name, your charcoal deck is your deeper, darker self. Stuff keeping up with the Joneses, make tongues wag with your new charcoal black composite decking.

Design Tips For Black Charcoal Composite Decking

black composite decking
charcoal composite decking
black composite decking

Make The Neighbours Talk

If you just want something a little different for your garden or balcony, charcoal as a backdrop to other contrasting colours really works as a unique expression of your individuality. Making a truly bold statement, it stands out and will make your garden the talk of the town.

Go Exotic

For planting, you can opt for some impressive statement pieces to truly make your design pop. Planting a brilliant red Acer or a succulent bright green palm plant will create a a stunning juxtapose against your charcoal black composite decking and add an exotic flavour to your garden during those cooler months.

Bold & Beautiful

Depending on your overall theme, you can accentuate your charcoal deck with a monochromatic design with whites and neutrals or go bold with bright contrasting colours. A mustard throw, a brink pink rug, the options are simply endless.

Our Black Composite Decking Gallery

What will it look like? Trying to picture what a stark choice like charcoal will look like in your garden is not easy. We’ve created this gallery to show you lots of different options so that you can reimagine your space in our gorgeous, seductive charcoal black decking:

Pair Your Black Composite Decking With…

To give your charcoal deck a truly contemporary twist, why not pair it with our antique or teak range, accentuating design features. Picture framing is a popular option, as a means of highlighting your deck.

You could use the lighter natural stone shades of antique to bring warmth and depth to the dark tones of charcoal. Styling your deck doesn’t have to be complicated, speak to our experts or read our design guide for more tips on how to really make your decking pop!

Our Charcoal Composite Decking Products

We design and supply Essential, Classic, Advanced and Deluxe charcoal composite decking products. Each has their own advantages.

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Because we design, source and supply all our own patented composite, we’ve listened to customer feedback and have developed a composite decking product of which we are rightly proud. Order your sample today and see why NeoTimber® is like timber, but better.

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