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Garden composite decking is the ideal solution for your outdoor living area, providing durability, beauty and versatility.

From flower-filled gardens that ooze traditional charm, to ultra-contemporary hideaways, NeoTimber’s garden composite decking has supplied remarkable outdoor spaces for a decade. Small or large, regardless of their size or setting, a garden possesses a unique personality and NeoTimber’s composite decking has an ability to either take centre stage, or blend seamlessly to the surrounding space. Authenticity, quality and performance make NeoTimber’s products the go-to for your new garden.

The wonderful thing about garden composite decking is its sheer versatility. Want a safe platform for your infirm relative, that offers grip and slip-resistance? Maybe you want hot tub decking to make sure the kids are safe as they jump in and out of the bubbles. Perhaps working from home is your new normal, create a garden room with a composite decking surround and a pergola to make a truly inspirational workspace to keep those creative juices flowing.

Whatever your own unique circumstances, NeoTimber’s garden decking gives you options…

Composite Decking Is The Perfect Option For Outdoor Garden Flooring

garden composite decking
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A Composite Deck That Resists The Elements

NeoTimber® is designed to handle all kinds of conditions. Snow and ice, wind and rain, composite decking is resilient and hard-wearing. NeoTimber® composite decking is engineered to last by fusing recycled plastic and wood fibres together to form a weather-resistant barrier to protect against moisture and frostbite. Resistant to warping, cracking, splintering and rotting, NeoTimber® offers a long-life, low-maintenance garden decking that guarantees peace of mind.

Gives The Feeling Of Indoor Flooring

NeoTimber® composite decking boards are engineered to be smooth, but hard-wearing. Garden composite deck boards have no risk of splintering meaning tiny, delicate feet can pitter, patter in and out of the bi-fold doors onto the decking without any fear of damage. NeoTimber® bridges the divide to outdoor living, providing a seamless transition from an open plan kitchen to a barbecue deck, secret alfresco hideaway, or secluded sun-trap.

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garden composite decking

The Easy Clean & Low-Maintenance Option

Composite decking is very easy to maintain, unlike timber. Untreated timber absorbs stains. Algae build-up requires jet washing and can damage the boards. Clean with household soap at the beginning of the season and then sweep, when required. Composite decking resists stains so there’s no getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing away when Great Aunt Maude gets a little carried away with the Beaujolais.

Composite Decking Is The Safest Alternative

We believe composite decking is the very safest option for you and your family: timber can splinter and warp. Slabs can crack and sink over time. With concrete, drainage can be an issue, leading to slippery surfaces. Artificial grass – temperatures can soar, which is not so safe for young ones. Composite decking never splinters, is robust, maintains safe temperatures, and has good drainage.

Composite Decking For Residential Applications

The multiple ways in which you can use and apply composite decking into your outdoor space are many and various. Whether your deck flows effortlessly from your bi-fold doors or solves an eternally mossy patch at the bottom of the garden, composite decking gives you options. Whether it captures a golden corner which glows in the late evening sun or just gives you somewhere safe for the kids to play while you cook dinner, composite decking is stunningly versatile.

In addition, we have found that composite decking perfectly lends itself to specific applications in residential settings:

Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Decking

Building a surround for your hot tub is a great way to protect it from passing claws and to create convenient steps for access.

Composite decking is available grooved for extra grip in areas which are likely to get wet, aiding drainage. NeoTimber® is designed to get wet, coated in plastic polymer, the wood fibres resist moisture absorption.

Given the weight-bearing duties of carrying a hot tub, we would recommend using the solid composite deck boards, Classic or Deluxe. The Deluxe has the added advantage of being capped to seal out all water absorption, increasing the longevity of your boards.

For more information on installing a hot tub, read our useful article.

Garden Room Composite Decking

Creating a seating area in your garden is easier than ever with composite decking. Choose your spot, install the deck and then arrange your furniture to form a defined seating area. Soft furnishings can frame the space for you, furniture, rugs and cushions which complement your chosen theme.

The kids have flown the nest, the bikes have rusted up and the shed’s seen better days. Why not build a permanent garden room? It’s the perfect spot for crafting, DIY, afternoon teas or working from home.

Garden rooms don’t come cheap, so you need a solid base, one which provides ample support with good drainage. Composite decking is an ideal solution and doubles up as a veranda for your summer house or garden room.

Pergola Composite Decking

Another way of framing your deck and really making a statement with your garden design is to incorporate a pergola. Adding structure to your deck gives it height, presence. It turns your decking from a flat platform into a focal point, drawing the eye and giving your garden purpose and personality.

A pergola creates an outdoor room, it is amazing how a few columns and beams can reduce the effects of a cool breeze or provide just a little sought-out shade in the height of summer. Screening is a good way to further section off your pergola, creating a cosy space. Centred around a fire pit or patio heater a pergola can be a lovely warm spot from which to gaze at the stars.

Decking For An Alfresco Dining Spot

On warmer, ‘salad days’ when you want to wring every drop of sunshine out of the day, having a dedicated outdoor dining area makes for a lovely alternative to a tv dinner. Composite decking creates a warm, easy-to-maintain location for your alfresco dining.

When those summer days do arrive, they can be sporadic. Don’t t waste spend precious hours sanding, painting and varnishing. Buy composite decking and enjoy the sunshine, however, brief its appearance.

Whether right outside your door or situated in the sun-trap at the very bottom of the garden, a beautiful aesthetic can be created with little care. Experiment with lighting, bistro furniture, or tall stools to create a personal space where you can unwind in your own bijou dining haven.

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“I chose NeoTimber® because I wanted a composite deck board that wasn’t too heavy for installing. I’d seen a few alternatives online. Many of them seemed to skimp on materials by moulding boards with large square cavities extruded, which I felt weakened the boards.”

Richard- Home Owner - Leicestershire

Residential Composite Decking – Related Case Studies

Deciding whether to trust a company is crucial to investing in a product. It often comes down to two things, quality of product and integrity of the business. We get that. Many of our customers have willingly spoken to us openly about their experiences using NeoTimber® and have recommended us to their friends. To see some real-life examples, continue reading…

See For Yourself

At NeoTimber®, we understand that choosing the right floor for your outdoor garden space is sometimes a challenge and often a decision that deserves careful consideration.

NeoTimber’s range of garden composite decking is best seen up close and personal and we believe samples are an excellent way to get an idea on how NeoTimber® can transform your outdoor space. Order 3 FREE samples direct to your door and begin planning your outdoor project today.

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