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Learn how to install composite decking the NeoTimber® way.

No matter the size, shape or location of your project – we want to make installing composite decking a doddle and we hope the following DIY composite deck installation resources do exactly that. We focus on the key areas of the fitting process to provide you with stage-by-stage assistance, neatly dividing the entire process into four key areas: pre-installation, subframe construction, installing our boards and trims, and design considerations.

We hope this resource allows users to navigate directly to the areas that are most suited to their project and answer both broad and more specific installation queries. So whether you are after assistance on fixing a corner trim, how to fix composite decking or you’re faced with the task of constructing a 100m2 raised decking project – our installation resources have you covered.

Decking projects are diverse and can come in all shapes and sizes, each of which can require a different subframe solution. While timber, plastic and metal subframes can be used with our decking, our range of subframe options offer weather resistant, long-life frame alternatives.

No two decking projects are built the same and many can often include additional features, such as decking steps or picture frames. Our guidelines on design considerations offer handy tips on how you can go about fitting composite decking products to best achieve these features on your project.

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