A 4-step guide on how to fit composite decking using our purpose built hidden clip system.

Fixing composite decking to a subframe is made easy with NeoTimber’s range of hidden fixings that come in the form of a Starter Clip, 3mm Metal FastClip and 6mm Plastic FastClip. The purpose built clip system is designed with easy installation in mind and offers a discreet fixing that allows enough room between boards to accommodate for expansion and drainage. This system reduces the need to screw into each and every board and allows you to fit composite decking securely.

Below, we have outlined some key pointers from the video on how to fix composite decking that we believe are important to consider when fitting composite deck boards to a subframe:

  • A clip should be installed at every intersection between a board and a joist.
  • The spacings between your joists should be between 250-350mm.
  • Be sure to only screw through the single counter-sunk hole of the FastClip; the other two holes are designed to allow for drainage beneath the composite decking boards.
  • Allow for a gap where boards meet at joins which should be between 1-6mm and varies depending on the outside temperature at the time of installation.
  • When fixing your final board, pre-drill an oversized pilot hole prior to screwing and fix at every 300mm.
  • Take care during the installation process and always ensure that you wear appropriate safety equipment throughout the installation.

While decking subframes can come in all shapes and sizes and not every project will resemble that shown on the video – we still recommend following the principles shown, as well as those outlined in the tips above.

Also part of the “How-To Installation Videos” series…

how to fit composite decking
fitting composite decking

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