A composite decking clips and screw system that offers a discreet solution.

NeoTimber’s range of composite decking fasteners and colour-coded screws are designed to discretely and securely fix our composite decking products. Solutions that are purpose-built to work hand-in-hand with our boards, our composite decking fixing clips and screws are weather-resistant, hard-wearing solutions that offer you ultimate peace of mind.

Our entire range of deck boards are designed to accommodate the use of hidden composite decking fixings: our clips simply slot directly into the grooved edge of our boards and allow you to achieve a tidy finish without the hassle of face fixing each and every length. Our colour coded screws follow the same principle and provide a discreet fixing solution for both our boards and trims.

Precision made, weather-resistant composite decking starter clips are a neat fixing solution which allow you to kickstart your decking runs with security and precision. Designed to slot directly into the opening of your first run of boards, this starter clip system is both easy-to-use and discreet. Each pack contains 100 clips and screws and we recommend purchasing one pack per every 100m2.

NeoTimber® FastClips

NeoTimber’s FastClips are the intermediary decking clips designed to securely join one board to another. We offer plastic and stainless-steel options and each can be used to fix your composite deck boards to your subframe, offering a seamless finish. Check out our two composite decking hidden fasteners below:

3mm Metal FastClip: A long-lasting and hardy stainless-steel clip system, our metal FastClips offers the most inconspicuous fixing we provide. The 3mm gap that the clip creates is wide enough to allow for expansion and drainage, but narrow enough to guarantee a discreet finish.

6mm Plastic FastClip: Our Plastic FastClip is a purpose-built solution that allows a 6mm gap between boards. While allowing for a slightly wider gap than its stainless-steel alternative, this clip enables users to easily uninstall any board along their deck area.

NeoTimber® Colour Coded Screws

Assisting you with installation, NeoTimber’s range of composite decking screws are both discreet and easy-to-use. Coated in the same colours as our composite decking ranges – our screws are designed to complement your NeoTimber deck boards, while allowing you to securely fix both boards and trims.

Colour Coded Trim Screws: NeoTimber’s trim screws are the primary fixing solution for both our corner and skirting trims. Colour matched to our range of trims, they offer a subtle and secure fixing option.

Colour Coded Decking Screws: For areas of your project where you are unable to use a clip to fix our composite boards, the NeoTimber decking screws offers a discreet and safe fixing solution.

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