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Choose NeoTimber® commercial composite decking as your all-weather outdoor flooring solution.

When choosing a material for outdoor flooring, commercial businesses such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, and offices will look to find the most robust, cost-effective option with minimal maintenance. Many companies may have already tried and abandoned timber decking as an option because of the amount of maintenance and upkeep costs that accompany timber.

Composite decking from NeoTimber® gives you a real workable alternative to timber which makes good business sense. Commercial composite decking is water-resistant, being 30% recycled plastic so is kinder to the environment whilst resisting its effects. Ten percent is bonding material, the other 60% is comprised of recycled industrial wood fibre which gives our composite deck boards the look and feel of wood, without the downsides.

Composite decking never requires painting, stripping, or varnishing and is supplied with a 10-year commercial warranty. Providing a non-slip, stain-resistant material, NeoTimber® composite decking is the safer, more durable alternative for your commercial space.

Commercial Composite Decking Is The Perfect Option For Outdoor Flooring

commercial composite decking
commercial composite decking uk

Composite Decking Resists The Elements

Engineered to handle the very worst that the British weather can bring, NeoTimber® products are robust. Our composite decking is comprised of plastic and wood fibres which form an impermeable barrier. Timber decks suffer from algae build-up during colder, wetter months. Salt provides some protection against ice build-up but can cause erosion to timber. Composite decking does not erode, algae may still grow but will only need to be cleaned off the surface.

Bring The Indoors Outside

NeoTimber® composite decking boards are engineered to be smooth but hard-wearing. Acting as a seamless link between indoor and outdoor spaces, NeoTimber® commercial composite decking brings the indoors outside and so is perfect for cafes, restaurant balconies, smoking areas and dining areas alike. Composite decking even takes the headache out of installing swimming pool surrounds giving a safe, child-friendly alternative.

commercial composite deck
commercial composite decking

Easy Clean Decking

Composite decking is easy to maintain, requiring soap and water to keep it in tip-top condition. Simply scrub to cleanse and sweep to keep dust free. Composite decking resists stains, it is much easier to keep clean. The plastic elements is composite arm it against tough stains like mud and wine.

The Safest Alternative

As a business, there are many flooring options you can choose from. Each material has its own pros and cons. Given the options, we believe that NeoTimber® decking provides you with the safest, most cost-efficient, most practical option. Whilst many other alternatives exist, only composite decking can offer you a 10-warranty and longevity.

Composite Decking For Commercial Applications

There are many ways in which you can use and apply commercial composite decking into your outdoor space. Whether your deck flows effortlessly from your pub restaurant or solves a totting timber issue on your balcony, commercial composite decking gives you options. Expand your seating area, negotiate uneven ground or just replace your broken patio with NeoTimber® commercial composite decking.

As an established designer, manufacturer and supplier, we have found that commercial composite decking lends itself perfectly to many specific commercial applications including: decking for public spaces, office decking, and decking for restaurants.

Restaurant Composite Decking

Commercial dining areas receive heavy use. As such, you need to install a hard-wearing material that is weather-resistant. Composite decking dining areas offer you the beauty of a timber deck without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Offering better grip than a stone or timber alternative, decking for restaurants is supplied in a grooved or woodgrain finish allowing you to add extra grip on steps, edges, and areas that receive high footfall.

Composite decking is designed to expand and contract with the heat, like timber. Given this, restaurant installers should consider installing a membrane to prevent foodstuffs from falling between the gaps to discourage vermin.

Boasting stain-resistant qualities, composite decking is easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal material for your restaurant.

restaurant composite decking
office composite decking

Office Composite Decking

When building a base for an outside seating area, smoking shelter or shed, it is crucial that you use a material that rarely needs maintenance or replacing, as, once your structure is erected, proper maintenance of the boards beneath becomes extremely difficult.

NeoTimber’s composite decking provides an ideal robust solution for office decking, giving a strong base that requires little to no maintenance. Our solid-core Classic and Deluxe composite deck boards are strong and built to withstand regular foot traffic and heavy loads.

Designed to flex with the changing seasons, NeoTimber® decking expands and contracts accordingly and should therefore be installed in keeping with manufacturer guidelines to prevent warping and cracking.

Composite Decking For Public Spaces

Whether used indoors or externally, decking in public spaces is likely to receive a high level of foot traffic. Composite decking expands and contracts with the heat and so is not liable to warping, or cracking, unlike timber and never requires sanding or painting.

Decking surrounding a water feature is likely to be exposed to prolonged periods of wetness. Timber can warp over time and is also prone to splintering. Composite decking has a low degree of water absorption due to its material properties and so is ideal for pools and splash pad surrounds.

Composite decking as a surround for your swimming pool provides an elegant alternative to tiles and is reversible. This means it is available in a woodgrain or grooved (slip-resistant) finish.

public space composite decking

Some of our Commercial Clients Include…

NeoTimber® has been embraced by a number of well-known household brands. They love the quality and durability of our decking as well as the first-class service we provide. Here are just a few of our recent commercial clients:

Commercial Composite Decking – Related Case Studies

Whenever we are approached regarding commercial decking, we always look to fully understand the exact application of the deck to best advise as to the most suitable product for your commercial needs. A hollow board for ease of install and low budgets, a solid board for heavy traffic or a capped board for increased water-resistant properties. Our case studies feature images, an investigation into specific commercial briefs and our proposals to fulfil the client requirements.

See For Yourself

At NeoTimber®, we understand that choosing the right floor for your outdoor space is sometimes a challenge and often a decision that deserves careful consideration.

NeoTimber’s range of commercial composite decking is best seen up close and personal and we believe samples are an excellent way to get an idea on how NeoTimber® can transform your outdoor space.

Order 3 FREE samples direct to your door and begin planning your outdoor project today.

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