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Dual-sided reversible composite decking that offers more choice.

Our entire range of composite decking comes equipped with a reversible finish (either grooved or woodgrain) and provides our customers with ultimate control over what solution best suits their project, a feature that makes each NeoTimber product range truly stand out. We believe that the decision between the two comes down to three main factors that should be considered: appearance, slip resistance and maintenance. We believe it’s important for customers to consider all three before installation.

reversible composite decking
reversible composite decking


Your choice to go for groove or grain is very much determined by your personal preference on the appearance of the finish. The superior woodgrain finish of our boards is what we believe truly sets it apart from others in the market: the texture, depth and finish are elements that we have worked tirelessly to improve. This is a finish that is not always achievable with timber alternatives due to issues with slip resistance and this is why it proves such a desirable option for many.

Others will opt for the more uniform look of the grooved-channel finish. This is more in-keeping with traditional timber projects and is an attractive option for those that feel this provides a more contemporary finish.

reversible decking

Anti-Slip Finish

One prominent feature of our deck boards is their slip-resistance rating. The engineered nature of the product allows us to experiment with and improve the textures and surfaces of our boards to ensure that the surface provides a safe level of slip-resistance. The varied finishes of each of our composite decking ranges means that naturally, each board has slightly differing anti-slip ratings.

The grooved-channel finish of our decking boards will, as you may expect, always have a higher anti-slip rating than the woodgrain finish. The deep grooves on the surface of the boards provide more traction under foot, so if this is a key consideration for your project – take our advice and opt for the grooves!

dual sided decking


Our reversible composite decking represents a low-maintenance flooring solution that requires little up-keep over its long lifespan. We are firm believers, however, that a little housekeeping always helps maintain your outdoor space.

We found that the smoother surface of the “non-grooved” woodgrain textured finish of our deck boards is slightly easier to clean, as it removes the issues of build-up of dirt, mud and grime sitting in grooves of the deck.

That being said, we believe a regular brush of our grooved-finish boards will remove excessive build-up and keep them looking as good as new!

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