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Suited for high footfall areas and commercial projects.

The dense material make-up of our solid composite deck boards (Classic and Deluxe) make them the strongest, most durable products in our range and are an excellent choice for all decking projects – no matter the environment. The superior performance of our solid composite decking satisfies those seeking added peace of mind and makes them perfectly suited for high footfall areas, commercial projects and areas that support heavy furniture.

solid composite decking

High-Density, Long-Life, Durable Decking

With a high-density, solid material composition consisting of the perfect mix of wood and plastic – our solid deck boards are designed to last longer. Densely packaged within the core of the board, our solid composite material is engineered to provide consistent, industry-leading protection from whatever the outside environment has to throw at it.

High Strength Composite Decking

An issue often associated with low quality composite materials, or an aged timber deck, is its ability to bow, flex and warp under even the slightest of weight strains. Engineered to provide strength and structural integrity throughout their 25-year lifespan, our Classic and Deluxe ranges are anything but weak. A high load-bearing capacity is a marker of our product’s ability to perform under heavy weight loads, reassuring users that their durable decking area will remain safe and secure for years to come.

durable decking
durable composite decking

Unbeatable Value

When we claim that our boards are solid, we mean solid. Comprised of a dense, solid material: no holes, no grooves, no compromise. What’s more – we offer these exceptional quality boards at highly competitive prices, meaning that you get much more material for your money.

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