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Designed to offer outstanding resistance to the elements.

Wrapped in a protective shell, our capped composite decking ranges (Advanced and Deluxe) provide you with all the benefits of our traditional composite decking. The board’s protective polymer sleeve is designed to offer outstanding resistance to the elements, while the board’s blend of two-toned colouration provides bundles of character. It’s these key features that make our capped decking the premium choice for your project…

capped composite decking

Premium Composite Decking With Authentic Colouring

Mimicking the imperfections of real wood that are often so desirable, our capped composite deck boards are blended with a unique mix of colour, dispersed at intermittent points along their surface. The fine balance of subtle and more prominent streaks of colour across the length of the board brings life and personality to your decking area. Because no two boards are ever identical, customers can achieve a personalised and distinct style, giving you the power to define your own unique flooring space.

Superior Stain Resistance

We understand that your deck area is designed to be enjoyed, and we get that spills can sometimes happen. Our easy-clean capped composite decking makes these spills much easier to wipe away. The polymer sleeve that encapsulates our premium deck boards provides a shield for which dirt, grime and grease are unable to penetrate, meaning that you can enjoy your decking area without the lingering anxiety of damaging your outdoor flooring with nasty, stubborn stains.

capped decking
high end composite decking

Colour That Lasts

Our premium composite capped deck boards are engineered to fight the signs of weathering, with the non-organic material of its capped shell packed with a unique blend of UV inhibitors. The result is a UV resistant fade-proof board that retains its defined colour and finish year-on-year. What’s more – the capped nature of the high end composite decking boards ensure that they are highly resistant to mould and mildew growth which is a common curse of timber alternatives that can often leave them looking tired.

Four-Sided Capping For All Round Protection And Versatility

Unlike some other “industry-leading” deck boards on the market, we apply a four-sided capping to our capped deck boards that ensures the product is expertly shielded from the threat of mould, mildew growth and insect damage. What’s more – this four side capping provides the board with a reversibility feature that offers both versatility and choice. You have the option to choose from an authentic, embossed woodgrain finish or a sleek grooved-channel appearance. The choice is yours.

premium composite decking

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