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A unique recipe of timber and recycled plastic set in a mould.

Our traditional composite decking ranges (Essential and Classic) provide you with a high-value, long-life and low-maintenance alternative to timber decking. An etched woodgrain finish, reversibility, high slip-resistance and easy cutting give our traditional composite deck boards both functionality and aesthetics.

traditional composite decking

Three Dimensional Woodgrain Finish

An embossed woodgrain finish is what sets our traditional composite decking apart from others, providing the board with both texture and authenticity. This is a stark contrast to most traditional composite timber decking boards on the market, whereby the woodgrain patterning is printed and is subject to significant fading over time. Our composite board’s etched finish guarantees a premium surface that remains prominent throughout its life.

Excellent Slip Resistance

Unlike natural wood materials, our traditional composite decking has been engineered with the safety of its users in mind. By working to improve the texture and depth of both our woodgrain and grooved-channel finishes, we have created a product that is both slip-resistant and authentic looking… it’s a win-win. What’s more – the unique material composition of the composite wood decking boards will mean that they are much more resistant to organic mould, mildew and algae growth when compared with timber alternatives.

composite timber decking
composite wood decking

Reversibility = Versatility

The choice of a reversible groove-channel and woodgrain finish offers both functionality and style. Opt for the easy-clean, authentic finish of our woodgrain, or the higher anti-slip rating and more contemporary finish of our grooved-channel finish. Or why not decide to mix them up and use both in the same project… A choice can be made on the day of installation.

Easy-To-Cut Decking

Because our traditional moulded boards are comprised of entirely the same material throughout, cutting them is made simple. With the right tools, you can cut our boards with ease, guaranteeing easy installation and ensuring that your cuts are neat and tidy with no fraying or chipping.

traditional WPC decking

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