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Lightweight composite decking that’s versatile.

Our hollow composite decking ranges (Essential and Advanced) are the board-of-choice for most residential garden decking projects. The lightweight feel does not impact its strength, while no compromise is made on its looks and finish. Explore what makes our hollow options among the best sellers in our range…

hollow composite decking

The “Not-So-Hollow” Composite Deck Board

Preserving the strength and structural integrity of our products remained the focus when developing our hollow composite deck boards. The task was simple: ensure the perfect balance of creating a lightweight composite material, without compromising the product’s strength or its ability to withstand the elements. The result is a hollow quality assured composite deck board which has only 40% of material removed from its core. What’s more – we remove the material in circular increments, and it doesn’t take a physicist to know that circular holes offer a stronger composition than rectangular holes.

No Compromise On Finish

Despite removing material from its core, little else has been compromised with our hollow composite decking. In fact – we have worked to ensure that the woodgrain finish remains identical to its solid alternatives. This results in a best-in-class finish, which offers a truly authentic look and feel… A far cry from the often plastic-looking, flat finish that composite decking has been so often associated with.

lightweight composite decking
lightweight decking

Lightweight Composite Decking

It is no secret that composite materials tend to be heavier than wood alternatives. Less material within the hollow boards ensure that they weigh approximately 4kg lighter than their solid alternatives, ideal if the weight of your deck plays a part in your decision. This makes our hollow product an excellent solution for most balcony and roof terrace projects. What’s more – installation is made a little less-demanding when working with a lighter-weight material, great for those “one-man” decking installation operations.

25-Year Warranty Speaks For Itself

Our commitment to provide a 25-year residential warranty on our entire range of composite solutions, regardless of material composition, backs our dedication to quality. A long-life hollow composite decking board provides you with added peace of mind that it will stand the test of time and continues to perform like very few hollow decking products do.

hollow core composite decking

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