Install a decking subframe using composite joists onto a solid base in 5 easy steps.

While other subframe materials are available to installers, NeoTimber’s composite joists are purpose built to work with our decking boards. This solution is excellent for installing a low-lying decking subframe that sits directly onto a solid, flat base.

While the installing composite joists video outlines each step in detail, we thought we would outline the key tips below:

  • Incorporate a decline of 1% to your base in order to aid with drainage.
  • Lay your joists at right angles to the direction of your boards.
  • Install your composite joists at 250-350mm spacings.
  • Leave an 8mm gap where joists meet at joins.
  • Double-joist the areas you expect deck boards to meet at joins.
  • Attach the joists to your concrete base using a 60mm screw; pre-drill and countersink the material to avoid cracking.
  • When attaching the composite joist to the concrete base, be sure to begin screwing at least 70mm in from the joist edge.
  • Be sure to also leave an 8mm gap from the joist to any solid surfaces, such as a brick wall.

Also part of the “How-To Installation Videos” series…

installing composite joists
install composite joists

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