Add character and form to your space with a composite decking picture frame design.

Composite decking picture frames are becoming a must have for outdoor flooring spaces. The effect offers form, structure and an eye-catching addition to your space. With NeoTimber’s wide range of colour options, reversible designs and versatile selection of products, you can achieve a number of different decking picture framing designs.

composite decking picture frame

This article is designed to provide users with decking inspiration on the ways to incorporate this bordering technique into their own deck area and offer the hints and tips that we think are essential when incorporating this design.

Tip #1 – Choose The Width Of Your Frame

Deciding on the width of your decking picture-frame is a vital first step. This will need to be considered before you get started with the installation as you will need to design your decking subframe to accommodate the picture frame border.

composite decking picture framing

Generally, we see installations incorporating 1 or 2 board frames but the sky really is the limit! Often, customers will want to use a decking picture frame to ensure they avoid a number of visible cuts along their deck, and again, this requires a level of pre-installation design consideration before getting started with your install.

Tip #2 – Opt For Either A Contrast In Finish Or Keep Things Consistent

All NeoTimber® composite deck boards are fully reversible and this gives you ultimate freedom to choose how you wish to lay the boards. Customers can choose between an authentic woodgrain finish or a grooved-channel finish.

decking picture frame

While the design of the boards lends itself to providing a defined contrast by opting for both a woodgrain finish and grooved finish in your design, we still often see customers keep things consistent… the choice is yours!

Tip #3 – A Mitred Or Non-Mitred Design?

There are generally two ways of cutting your picture frame deck boards – either mitre your edges or leave them non-mitred. Both result in two very distinct finishes and the choice is very much a personal one…

The modern, sleek design of a mitre or a traditional, block design of a non-mitre… both have been done to great effect with our products!

Tip #4 – Incorporate Contrasting Colours Into Your Decking Picture Frame

NeoTimber’s wide range of products give you the perfect opportunity to mix and match composite decking colours perfectly.

decking picture frame

The striking contrast of our charcoal and antique or the complimentary tones of our chocolate and teak are just a couple of popular combinations we see customers incorporating into their composite decking picture frame designs.

Tip #5 – Incorporate A Picture Frame With Alternative Laying Patterns

Alternative laying patterns, such as diagonal runs or herringbone designs are complimented perfectly with a neat and tidy framing which comes in the form of a picture-frame design.

composite decking picture frame

Leaving the boards frameless (without a picture frame border) can often look incomplete and hap-hazard and incorporating one can simply provide that added touch that completes the deck design.

Tip 6 – Use The NeoTimber® Edge Board For The Exposed Edge Of Your Picture Frame Design

While most composite decking picture frame designs are accomplished using our range of deck boards, we often recommend incorporating our edge boards on the exposed edges of your project.

composite decking picture framing

The smooth outer edge of this product offers a much more complete finishing option for picture frame designs and removes the need to add any additional trim options such as an l-shaped corner trim or skirting trim.

One Step Closer?

The above guide should hopefully provide you with bundles of decking inspiration as to how to incorporate your picture frame design into your next project. Now you have the know-how, why not order a sample of our products to get a little more insight into the wide range of composite decking products we offer?

decking picture frame

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