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If you like the look of traditional timber but resent the upkeep, our dark chocolate brown composite decking could be the answer to your prayers!

Giving you the classic look of traditional timber, NeoTimber’s hot chocolate brown composite deck gives you the best of both worlds. Like the song, it’s a timeless classic which never ages. No staining, painting, sanding or varnishing on a weekend, just turn up the volume and chill. Our chocolate brown deck board is a dark, woodgrain effect with a tone which sits somewhere between a dark walnut composite decking and ebony composite decking. Treat yourself to the comforting tones of dark, rich, indulgent chocolate… composite decking.

Design Tips For Chocolate Composite Decking

dark brown composite decking
brown composite decking
brown composite deck

Keep Things Traditional

Sometimes the traditional look is the only option in an established garden with mature planting. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up to maximise the advantages of composite over timber.

Living On The Edge

To finish off your deck, consider adding edging detail. Standard decking boards are built with grooves to allow easy assembly. However, you may not want those grooves on display and for clean lines use our edging board and trim options.

Incorporate Planting

The dark, traditional tones of our dark brown composite decking forms the ideal backdrop that allows you to fill your space with planting. Luscious greens and bright pops of colour stand proud against a traditional finish.

Our Dark Brown Composite Decking Gallery

It’s not always easy to picture what the finished product will look like, so we’ve put together a gallery of chocolate drown composite decking ideas to inspire you:

Pair Your Brown Composite Decking With…

We associate woody tones with nature and plants, chocolate brown composite lends itself perfectly to this, blending effortlessly with a lush green lawn, verdant shrubs and succulent plants.

The rich, warm tones of chocolate brown composite decking can be beautifully accented by pairing with our teak or antique range. Alternatively, use charcoal as a darker tone to bring out the richness of your chocolate brown deck. Many of our customers have used this pairing to great effect, producing stunning results, see our gallery below for examples.

Our Chocolate Brown Composite Decking Products

We design and supply Essential, Classic, Advanced and Deluxe brown composite decking products. Each has their own advantages.

Get Chocolate Brown Samples

Fill in the form at the link below and request three free samples from our chocolate brown composite decking range. You’ll see the strength and the beauty of the finished product.

Because we design, source and supply all our own patented composite, we’ve listened to customer feedback and have developed a product of which we are rightly proud. Order your sample today and see why NeoTimber® is like timber, but better.

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