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NeoTimber’s fire rated composite decking is in keeping with the industry norm for WPC products at Class C (EN 13501-1).

Now more than ever, purchasing fire-rated building materials is of great importance for all new and existing building and renovation projects and for this reason, we are committed to ensuring that all potential and existing customers are informed on the quality standards that our composite boards meet in this regard. We understand that being in the know when it comes to specifying a product for your project is of paramount importance to ensure safety, but also guaranteeing that the specified product performs as it should. Below, we explore the in’s and out’s of fire ratings and provide you with the peace of mind that you know where you stand when using NeoTimber’s composite decking for your project.

We clarify the definitions of a “fire rating”, as well as outline exactly what a “Class C” rating means under British Standards. Not only this, but we provide you with the peace of mind as to exactly where NeoTimber’s fire rated composite decking can be installed given current building regulations.

What Is A Fire Rating Classification?

A fire rating classification is a system that evaluates a product or building element’s resistance to fire. For a product to be used in a construction project that complies with building regulations, it must pass “British Standard” tests regarding fire resistance and protection. Put simply, it is a classification or seal of approval that provides users with a guarantee that the product they choose is fit for purpose, and most importantly, safe for that application.

Fire rating is achieved through a series of product tests and while numerous classification systems exist, the most widely recognised is EN 13501-1: Fire Classification of Construction Products and Building Elements. This classification is a test procedure that examines the burning behaviour of a given building product, with focuses mainly on the product’s combustibility, heat levels, flame spread and smoke release. The BS EN 13501-1 rating system includes 7 tiers of classification, ranging from A1, which signifies the highest-performing, to F, which signifies the worst-performing.

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Classification Definition Description
A1  Non-Combustibility No contribution to fire
A2 Limited Combustibility Very limited contribution to fire
B Combustible Limited contribution to fire
C Minor contribution to fire
D Medium contribution to fire
E High contribution to fire
F Easily flammable

Class C Fire Rated Composite Decking By NeoTimber

The classification of NeoTimber’s composite decking is in keeping with the industry norm for wood composite products and stands at Class C. The exact classification of NeoTimber composite deck boards is “Cfl-S1” (EN 13501-1).

What does the “C” relate to?
The “C” part refers to the fire behaviour of the product and a rating of “C” is described as a “minor contribution to fire”.

What does the “S” relate to?
The “S” part of the classification refers to smoke emission (or release) during combustion: S1 is classified as the quantity/speed of emission as being weak – which is the highest classification available.

What Does This Mean For My Project?

Due to the material composition of our boards and the fact that we strive to retain the beautiful, authentic feel of our products, it is virtually impossible to achieve non-combustibility. But rest assured, our classification still meets current fire regulations, meaning NeoTimber’s composite decking remains the first-class solution for construction and renovation projects. Below, we outline where our boards can be installed, and rest assured it only affects the “balcony or roof terrace” application:

  • Buildings That Cannot Use NeoTimber Composite Decking For Their Balconies And Roof Terrace: New buildings that have a high rise status (defined at above 18m) and in which people sleep.
  • Buildings That Can Use NeoTimber Composite Decking For Their Balconies And Roof Terrace: Low-rise residential and commercial projects; and Building and renovation projects that do not require building regulation approval.
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