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Add some personality into your garden and make a statement with our guide to composite decking laying patterns.

Many more of our customers are now incorporating unique ways of laying their composite decking, creating eye-catching designs which create something a bit more bespoke to your outdoor space, as well as making your deck the garden focal point.

composite decking laying patterns

We have listed a few ways in which you can add some personality into your garden and make a statement, with our guide to composite decking laying patterns…

Traditional Laying Patterns

The traditional pattern composite decking laying pattern is uniformly laid. When laying large runs of decking, the most popular solution is to lay deck boards consecutively without any additional perimeter or transitional boards.

composite decking laying patterns

Staggering deck boards and creating a brickwork effect in the deck is a popular feature to remove uniformity with cut-ends. This tends to be one of the most popular ways of laying composite decking.

Diagonal Runs

Diagonally placing your composite decking can add a different dynamic to your outdoor space. This technique can be achieved by placing your boards at a 45-degree angle across the joists. This can look equally nice when picture framed as well.

composite decking laying patterns

Picture Framed Decking

This technique is perfect for neatly framing the edges of your decked space. Instead of leaving the sides open, you can neatly picture frame them. NeoTimber’s composite decking is reversible, so you can use the woodgrain side for one section and the grooved side for the other, which accentuates the framing effect.

composite decking laying patterns

NeoTimber’s wide range of colour options allows you to go one step further and contrast decking colours.

Herringbone Design

Incorporating a herringbone pattern within your outdoor space can be challenging, but highly effective once laid. The pattern resembles the bone structure of a fish – hence the name ‘herringbone’.

composite decking laying patterns

This design has become on-trend within the interior’s world, and we see it across soft furnishings plus hardwood flooring, so why not take a little inspiration and bring your indoors, outwards.

Chevron Laying Pattern

This pattern is very similar to what you see with the herringbone design, it also follows that ‘V’ shape. However, the difference between them both is that the herringbone overlaps where the boards meet, but the chevron design does not.

composite decking laying patterns

In this case, the joint is seamless and creates a more zig-zag design. Much like the herringbone technique, chevron is again a popular style we are seeing more and more of in the world of both indoor and outdoor flooring solutions.


No decking laying pattern guide is complete without the patchwork effect. This design divides the deck into quarters, laying in right angles to one other.

composite decking laying patterns

It can add structure and personality to your outdoor space. This looks beautiful across large spaces as you truly see the patchwork pattern translated across your entire deck.

Other Ways To Incorporate Patterns Into Your Decking

There are a few other deck board patterns you can achieve in your garden to create a truly unique design such as pinstripe, tile, cask and decking inlays, all of which look fabulous with alternate colours which opens the world up to plenty of creative options. All such designs are highly effective but all have different difficulty levels to ensure they are laid correctly; you can read more about installing composite decking on our installation resources section on our website 

If you are looking to make a statement with our composite decking and unsure what colour to choose for your outdoor space, why not order some samples for free from our website today. Select up to three samples and they should be with you between 3-4 working days once the order is placed.

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