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Four ways to light up an outdoor space. From fire bowls to permanent integral composite decking lighting. Which type of outdoor lighting is for you?

We are all treating our garden spaces more like rooms these days. So, when you are creating an outdoor space to relax in, make sure you don’t overlook how you are planning to light the area. We all love sitting out in the early evening, but if you’re keen to carry on entertaining, you’ll need to consider some composite decking lighting.

A question we often get asked is” “what’s the best form of lighting for my patio?” Our answer goes something like this… There are several options. Your choice will depend on: (1) your budget; (2) the design look you are going for; and (3) how quickly you want the lighting installed.

1. Integral Lighting

If you are opting for a permanent lighting solution, you will, most likely, be looking at installing either some wall lights, lamps, or integral composite decking lights. These can be expensive to buy and install, however, the investment will allow you to party into the small hours whenever you want to and without any additional lighting costs being accrued.

One of our favourite options is to place permanent lights on the risers of our composite decking, or within the boards themselves. This composite deck light solution is great for lighting wider areas and is superb for lighting potential trip hazards such as steps and level changes.

composite deck lighting
composite deck lights

2. Fire Pits

Fire pits are a wonderful quick win. They immediately create an ambience everyone loves, generating both light and heat. Be warned though, they can be messy and often take some tinkering to get them to burn well without smoking your soiree out!

3. Twinkling Lights

Strings of twinkling lights always look enticing and work beautifully outdoors. You can opt for strings that are plugged into the mains electricity or battery-powered versions. Either option works well, but both types will often need moving/packing away, particularly in bad weather or if not being used for several months.

A downside to battery-operated lights is that they will fade. This is usually the case with solar-powered lights too. In our experience, they look great, but their limited resources mean they dim and fade before the evening’s finished.

composite decking lighting
composite decking lights

4. Candles And Lanterns

If you’re creating a garden party atmosphere, there’s nothing more inviting than a scattering of candles and traditional hurricane lanterns. You can even opt for glowing orbs or faux candles. However, with all these products, don’t be under any illusion (pun intended!) buying then might seem the lower cost option initially, but you will have continual replacement costs.

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