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Introducing NeoTimber’s definitive guide on how to incorporate composite decking steps into your outdoor garden space.

Something we are constantly asked about is how best to integrate composite decking steps into a design. Steps are often a necessity with many decks due to the fact that their designs are often raised off ground level. So if you are still in the design phases of your project and eager to get a grasp on how you can incorporate decking steps into your design, then look no further…

composite decking steps

Here we offer some examples of our favourite step areas that we have seen our customers install over the years, as well as look at the most ideal NeoTimber® products that can be used to fascia composite decking steps. We also now offer a simple composite decking steps calculator, check it out to see how much material and what the cost would be for your project requirements.

Our Top Composite Decking Step Designs

Composite decking steps can come in all shapes and sizes. Below, we offer a guide on some of the types of decking step designs you can incorporate into your project to create not only a functional space but a distinct looking one too!

#1 – Make Your Decking Steps A Showpiece With A Cascading Step Design

A popular feature within deck builds, cascading decking steps wrap around the deck or the edges of a deck.

composite decking steps
composite decking steps

#2 – Add Flair And Create A Curved Decking Step

An attractive and functional approach to your decking step design. A curved deck can be a real showstopper.

#3 – Keep It Contemporary With Wrap Around Steps

A modern looking design indeed. Consider whether you are to mitre your edges or leave them non-mitred when designing your project.

composite decking steps
composite decking steps

#4 – Opt For A Good Old Fashioned Classic Freestanding Step

Traditional and conventional, usually paired with a balustrade for additional support and safety.

#5 – Keep Things Neat With An Integrated Decking Step

The neat design of integrating a step into the design of the project keeps everything tidy.

composite decking steps

Composite Decking Steps: What NeoTimber® Products Can I Use?

There are numerous products that can be used to add that finishing touch when installing steps to your decking project. Below we have outlined some of our NeoTimber® products which work hand-in-hand with NeoTimber’s composite decking boards to create a seamless finish to your composite decking steps project.

#1 – NeoTimber’s Edge Board Is The Ideal Stepping Fascia

Edge boards can fit securely either to the tread or rise of your step, creating a neat finish and a consistent looking design.

composite decking steps corner trim

#2 – Cap The Corner’s Off With NeoTimber’s Corner Trims

Use NeoTimber® corner trims to cap the corner’s off and add a neat and tidy finish to your composite decking stairs.

#3 – Use Composite Deck Boards For The Tread Of Your Steps

Decking boards to sit on the tread of the step is an ideal application. You can choose from either a grooved or woodgrain finish.

composite decking steps deck board tread
composite decking steps deck board riser

#4 – Use Composite Decking Boards For The Rise Of Your Steps

Keep things looking consistent and opt for using a composite deck board on the rise of your decking step area.

#5 – Use Skirting Trims For Low Steps Or Curved Step Areas

Use our NeoTimber® skirting trims along the step framework to form the fascia for the rise of the step. This method just neatly finishes the front of your steps complementing the rest of your deck nicely.

How To Install Composite Decking Steps

If you are scratching your head and not sure how best to install composite decking steps, then be sure to check out our installation help guide, with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your desired look.

composite decking steps

Order Decking Samples & Get Designing

Looking to install composite decking into your outdoor garden space with integrated steps? Well, order some free samples today to get an idea of how our composite decking colours fit in with your firm fixtures that are already in place.

composite decking steps

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