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What makes composite decking the perfect solution for being installed around a swimming pool?

When considering installing swimming pool decking or renovating a pool, there are various factors you should consider. Timber is cheap to install but needs constant maintenance. Stone as an alternative require no maintenance but are expensive to install initially.

Both timber and stone can be slippery when wet and can present a safety hazard. Swimming pool composite decking instead ticks all the boxes.

swimming pool composite decking

Here are four reasons why you should consider composite decking for your pool surround:

#1 – Composite Decking Resists Water

Composite decking absorbs less water than wood. Designed as a fusion of recycled plastic and wood fibres, the plastic polymers coat the fibres making them resistant to rotting and warping by protecting them against moisture absorption.

This makes composite the ideal, affordable solution for wet areas, maintaining a balance between high aesthetic qualities and low maintenance. Composite decking is available in a capped finish which comes equipped with a low water absorption rate for even more peace of mind.

swimming pool decking
swimming pool composite decking

#2 – Composite Decking Is Slip-Resistant

Both timber and stone are slippery when wet. NeoTimber® reversible composite decking is designed to aid grip, even in wet conditions with a raised woodgrain effect one side and grooved the other side.

Designed to be fitted with gaps between the boards, water drains away from the boards, reducing the amount of standing water making for safer surfaces for swimmers.

#3 – Composite Decking Looks Uber-Cool

Composite decking has a stunning aesthetic. Creating that uber-cool, ultra-modern look, composite is clean, crisp and has a luxurious look. Our light oak teak composite blends beautifully with blue water and is reminiscent of the deck on a Mediterranean yacht. Take a look at our full product range to see the composite decking colours available.

Relatively inexpensive to install, composite is the gift that keeps on giving with virtually no upkeep costs. Just a seasonal scrub and composite will last and last. With a ten-year commercial warranty, you can have complete peace of mind.

swimming pool decking
swimming pool composite decking

#4 – A NeoTimber® Subframe Ensures Good Foundations

Your pool decking, hot tub or jacuzzi surrounds will be constantly wet. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the sub-frame of your deck as any surplus water will spill in between the gaps. A timber sub-frame exposed to such high levels of moisture absorption will rot quickly. With this in mind, NeoTimber® have developed their range of plastic lumber.

Designed to be set in concrete like timber joists, plastic lumber is 100% waterproof, being made entirely of recycled plastic. Available in various lengths and thicknesses, you can easily substitute timber with plastic. Giving you the perfect foundation for your swimming pool composite decking, plastic lumber is strong and robust, able to withstand heavy traffic and exposure to rain, frost and ice.

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