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NeoTimber® provide you with tips and tricks for adding furniture to your composite decking space.

We understand that deciding on the right furniture to complement your composite deck is important. For that reason, we have created a guide with all the tips and tricks on all things composite decking furniture…

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From tips on how to protect your deck against furniture marks, to our guide on how customers have made furniture from our composite decking, this article on composite decking furniture ideas will give you all you need to make the task of figuring out the ideal furniture design as simple as possible.

Tip #1 – Protecting Your Deck From Scratches By Choosing Decking-Friendly Furniture

When sourcing your decking furniture, make sure that you are also purchasing protective rubber pads. You wouldn’t place a sofa on a laminate floor without following the relevant advice from the manufacturer, so we wouldn’t advise you to place any outdoor furniture without the relevant protection onto your composite deck either.

composite decking furniture

Rubber pads or felt pads can be placed on the feet of your furniture, slightly raising the pieces off the ground. These pads essentially will help prevent the legs of your decking furniture from scratching the surface of the deck. Hopefully once situated, your furniture won’t need to be moved, but if you do decide to change the position, we also advise you not to drag any furniture across your deck, instead we advise you to lift and place.

Tip #2 – Opt For Decking Furniture That Fits Your Space

Something that we see a lot of in outdoor space design is ‘zoning’, which essentially is mapping out different areas within your garden to cater for different outdoor activities. Adding a dining set to one section to create an alfresco dining area is an example of this; another would be to include a large l-shaped sofa or a twin sofa and coffee table to create a more communal ‘living space’. The opportunities really are endless.

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You can zone spaces in your garden with different flooring materials including composite decking, porcelain tiles, grass, or gravel, these types of applications complement one another whilst splitting up areas of your garden. Decking furniture is often the ‘cherry on the top’ that helps create these zoned spaces.

Tip #3 – Plan Your Deck First, Then Furnish It

We urge you to consider the space you are working with when incorporating furniture into your composite deck design.  Choose and install your composite deck and then start shopping for furniture. Many see composite decking images on Pinterest and Instagram and become inspired, which leads them to rush to purchase their decking furniture in a hurry. By not considering how their furniture will match their deck, customers can be left in a situation where there is a mismatch in size between the deck and the furniture they have purchased.

composite decking furniture

Something to consider within your composite decking design is colour matching your deck, furniture and accessories. Take a look at our definitive composite decking colour guide for more inspiration on all the decking colours we provide.

Tip #4 – Create Furniture From NeoTimber’s Composite Decking

You may not be aware, but you can actually create furniture out of composite decking. In fact, this is a trend we are continuing to see. A customer of ours recently opted to use our decking to fascia the furniture area of their garden space. The customer complimented their eye-catching patchwork pattern laid deck with a wrap-around furniture design which created a communal space perfectly suited for entertaining.

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Hopefully, now we have guided your decisions when adding furniture to your composite deck and made you aware of aspects you should consider when incorporating furniture as well as moving and styling your furniture. If you have been left wanting more and are keen to kickstart your next deck design, why not start with ordering a selection of NeoTimber’s free samples.

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