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Our guide to helping you choose the right composite decking colour for your outdoor space.

We understand that deciding on the perfect composite decking colour to complement your space can be a tough task. For that reason, we have put a guide together to help you choose the right decking colour for your garden space and offer you a simple go-to overview of the colour options we offer.

This composite decking colour guide is designed to also provide a host of added tips on how to style each colour in your space.

composite decking colour guide

Offering a range of different colours across four different product ranges, NeoTimber® provide composite decking colours that are designed to suit any outdoor space.

The latest additions are charcoal and antique, which join our range of NeoTimber® classics: grey, teak and chocolate colour options. Whether you’re seeking contemporary cool or classic sophistication – we’re confident that NeoTimber’s colour range has something for you.

Elements To Consider When Picking The Perfect Composite Decking Colour

When choosing any firm fixture, indoors or outdoors, it can be tricky because essentially, it’s going to be there for years to come. The idea of forking out great expense to have to change it in a few years isn’t a path many want to go down. We urge our customers to think long-term when installing composite decking into your outdoor space as the very concept of a long-life decking solution is that it is designed to provide you with many summers of enjoyment. Our colour range offers enough variety for you to choose from, so whatever the space, you are certain to be satisfied once you have taken the time to do a little research.

composite decking colour

Something we like to make all our customers aware of is that they need to take a good look at their garden space and aim to match their existing furniture or fixtures to the decking they are purchasing to ensure it compliments their home and surrounding space. The growing movement towards outdoor living means that people are placing more importance on matching the interior of the house with the exterior – and the right composite decking colour allows you to do this seamlessly.

Charcoal Black Composite Decking

Many are daunted about adding black to any home space, however as trends change, ‘black’ is now becoming a must-have colour to feature within the home and we believe that our charcoal black composite decking colour adds bundles of personality to your outdoor space.

composite decking colour guide

This colour options gives you the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement, with the use of striking colours which will stand out against the dark backdrop (luscious greens are our personal favourite) or go down the more neutral route with earthy tones that can potentially create a calm oasis to step out onto. Which theme will you choose (bright & beautiful or a harmonious haven)?

Antique Composite Decking

Let’s talk antique, currently a garden must-have. Our antique composite decking is our new dual-tone colour, which incorporates a distinct two-tone finish… you will only see its true beauty once you have a full run laid and fitted.

This colour will work well in more contemporary and traditional spaces alike and will create a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

composite decking colour

Because of the neutral tones used on this premium finish decking solution, we advise going in with bold colours and patterned accessories to create something that really stands out against this backdrop.

Antique is also the perfect solution as trends change, this will always stay neutral, so you are able to experiment with different colours without the added expense of a brand new deck.

Grey Composite Decking

NeoTimber’s grey composite decking is the ultimate favourite for many homeowners and landscapers alike due to its contemporary feel that is certain to transform any outdoor space.  

It offers the perfect blank canvas to dress up however you like. Because of its neutral nature, we think introducing splashes of more prominent colours will suit nicely.

composite decking colour guide

We’re talking deep blues, vibrant greens and rusty, burnt oranges. We have plenty of accessories to accompany your grey composite decking, edging trims are one way of neatly finishing off your project which suit nicely with a slightly different colour tone and can frame your deck beautifully.

Light Oak Teak Composite Decking

Are you in the market for something that resembles traditional timber? Then teak is your go-to. Like all our ranges, the teak composite deck boards have two sides: the engraved groove side and the more authentic, embossed wooden finish.

The grooved side of the traditional board (the Essential and Classic ranges) you’ll find is lighter on purchase and more golden than the reverse finish.

composite decking colour

Over time, both sides will lighten up with exposure to UV rays and will become lighter as the first months of installation pass by.

This classic and light-in-colour option is sure to add a glow to your garden. We advise pairing with more natural tones and let the deck speak for itself… Calm creams and neutrals will do the trick!

Chocolate Brown Composite Decking

NeoTimber’s chocolate brown sits between ebony and dark walnut tones and is the darkest shade of brown we offer. A more traditional composite decking colour option, that is certain to bring traditional appeal to your space and provide your deck with a level of timelessness. A classic colour option that doesn’t follow trends – this deck colour is a safe bet, especially in the long-term.

composite decking colour guide

We have found when styling this colour, a blend of beiges, creams and whites work very well with the darker colour of the deck. If you are wanting to brighten the dark brown up a little, then a vibrant orange could contrast well against the ebony undertones of this flooring solution.

How About Mixing Things Up?

With a wider choice of composite decking colours, comes a greater ability to get creative with two, or even three-tone deck designs. Picture framing decking areas in contrasting colours has become increasingly popular in the past few summers and we can see why. This not only gives you the opportunity to compliment different deck colours, but to also make a real feature of your decking space.

composite decking colour

Our personal favourites are the contrasts created when pairing each of the following: our charcoal and grey options; our teak and chocolate colours; or our antique and charcoal. The opportunities are seemingly endless and we urge you to get creative with incorporating contrasting colour options to your deck!

We Advise You To Order A FREE Sample Pack And Download A Brochure To See For Yourself

We find ordering samples are an excellent way of getting to grips with the colours we offer. Placing the samples in your garden against fixtures that are already in place will allow you to see which one compliments your space best.

composite decking colour guide

Just simply select up to three composite decking samples that you would like to see for yourself from our samples order page. While you wait, seek a little more inspiration by downloading our online brochure

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