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We round-up some of the best sloping gardens ideas for you to browse over before tackling your project.

An uneven garden can present us with many challenges when it comes to design. Finding the best layout to maximise your space, ensuring you have the space for a patio, deck or barbecue area is problematic.

In some cases, physically digging out the unevenness to give you a flat plateau is a simple, if not back-breaking option. However, if your garden has a more consistent sloping terrain you may have to be more imaginative and drastic in your approach.

sloping garden decking ideas

Installing composite wood decking is an obvious solution, the ability to overcome slopes and bumps by anchoring posts and joists into the ground, is a simple way of creating a level walking surface. This is just one way of negotiating the thorny issue of uneven ground.

Here are some handy hints as to how you might make your sloping garden more useful:

#1 – Determine The Gradient

Try to avoid laying lawn on a slope. As well as access issues, a sloping lawn will be a literal uphill struggle when it comes to mowing. If a gradual slope, the installation of a rockery or timber planters may be sufficient to hold back the earth, enabling you to level off for a lawn, patio or decking.

#2 – Consider Terracing

Terracing is the perfect way to iron out the creases in your garden since the times of the ancient Inca tribes of Machu Picchu in Peru, people have been terracing the sides of hills and mountains for agriculture and access. Terracing is not something which should be undertaken lightly as it will involve a large amount of digging out and you may even need to hire a skip.

sloping garden decking ideas

#3 – Create Your Own Zone

Terracing your garden seem limiting at first as the footprint of each level is made smaller. However, terracing also allows you to approach your garden design with a zone-style strategy. This helps you to make the most of each section. Give each level its own mini-theme or identity. Experiment with a pergola to make a bold statement, a level given over to turf or install decking to fully utilise your space.

#4 – Material Mix-Up

Keep the design of your garden interesting by experimenting using timber sleepers, porcelain tiles or concrete retaining walls to terrace your garden. Concrete retaining walls have evolved from grey slabs to moulded panels which are textured to resemble timber, slate or stone. Concrete retaining walls offer a longer-lasting solution to timber sleepers, which are prone to rot. With the new designs and moulds, concrete retaining walls add a stunning aesthetic to your outdoor living theme.

sloping garden decking ideas

#5 – Up Your Surface Game

When it comes to planning your seating area, there are a variety of options available to you.

  1. A stone slabbed patio is a good solid hardwearing surface for establishing a patio or dining area. However, before laying a patio you must ensure your surface is completely flat. Raising it to accommodate height differences requires significant groundwork in establishing a strong concrete base.
  2. Ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles can be purchased in ornate patterns and styles. Similarly, to the slabs though, they will need to be laid onto a completely flat surface, with a concrete base and so can require a large amount of ground working before you can start laying.
  3. A raised timber deck can account for variations in height and be extended across a void due to being built upon a raised subframe which can be adjusted to account for variations in height.
  4. A composite deck can offer all the benefits of the above and much more. Composite decking is a surprisingly robust alternative. Whilst timber decking is relatively cheap to install, it is costly in terms of the time and effort required to maintain it. NeoTimber® composite decking offers a maintenance-free alternative to timber decking, giving the perfect base on which to establish your dining area.
sloping garden decking ideas

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