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Long-lasting eco friendly composite decking. Eco decking made from recycled plastic and wood. Responsibly sourced decking boards.

Environmental causes are amongst our customers highest priorities – and we are proud to say that, as a responsible company, NeoTimber takes this cause to heart. As a result, we ensure our eco decking products have as little impact on the environment as possible.

eco composite decking

Environmentally Friendly Decking

Take for example the base materials we use in our eco composite decking boards: 100% of the plastic is recycled and the wood chippings we use would otherwise have ended up in landfill. So we responsibly source recycled products and combine them to produce a sustainable, base material for our environmentally friendly composite decking boards. What’s more, is that this resulting composite material is, in many ways, a superior product.

Built For Endurance

‘Buy once, buy well’ is our mantra. We want our customers to know that when they have committed to our products, they will be well served by them for decades to come. In fact, for most homeowners, buying NeoTimber eco friendly decking is often a once in a lifetime event. As a result, we like to reward our residential customers with a 25-year warranty across all our composite decking ranges.

NeoTimber recycled decking boards do not rust, splinter, warp or split: they look great and keep their structural integrity for years longer than their wood or plastic alternatives. And, because of the guaranteed longevity of our products compared to the average timber equivalent, we reduce the number of times you will need to discard and replace your decking.

recycled composite decking
eco decking

Low Maintenance

There’s minimal maintenance on NeoTimber recycled composite decking boards. All we recommend is a little soapy water if you want to clean them. There’s no need to be using harmful decking oils, stains or paints.


In addition to caring for the environment, we are also very focused on promoting the health and well-being of the NeoTimber workforce. We provide a safe and progressive working environment in which members of the team have their welfare supported and are continually encouraged to up-skill.

environmentally friendly decking

NeoTimber® Eco Credentials

recycled decking

Waste Management

We’ve already covered our commitment to the environment in terms of sourcing materials. We have also adopted strict waste management controls within our manufacturing processes.

Environmental Management

NeoTimber is compliant with the international standard for environmental management system – ISO14001. In order to be eligible for this industry kitemark, all of our manufacturing processes are reviewed and judged against certain criteria. For example, we utilise the latest manufacturing technology to make more effective use of energy and resources.

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