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Grey composite decking allows you to embrace the grey decking trend without the need for high-maintenance paint or varnish.

Interior design is a great way to put your stamp on your home and truly make it your own, but there’s no reason to stop once you reach the back door. A deck can be a wonderful addition, extending your home into the garden and providing a practical outdoor space. If plain boards or boring wood stains aren’t your thing, you might be interested in the grey decking trend, which has really exploded over the last few years.

Here’s why everyone’s going crazy over grey decking

A Stylish, Timeless Look

It’s hard to deny the stylish appeal of grey. It feels modern and luxurious but is also still fairly neutral, so you can avoid making too much of a statement.

Unlike black or white, grey won’t create a stark or overbearing atmosphere, but it offers much more style and intrigue than other neutral colours such as beige.

Your decking is an investment, and opting for a classic, beautiful grey composite deck will ensure that this external feature will remain attractive for many years, no matter what new trends come along.

grey decking
grey composite decking

Easy To Complement

As a neutral colour, grey makes a great backdrop for many different complementary colours.

From dreamy pastels to bright splashes of neon, it’s almost impossible to choose a colour scheme that doesn’t work with grey. This means that you can keep your decking the same and switch out your plants, furniture and outdoor accessories when you fancy a change.

Match Your Existing Features

Anthracite window frames have become a popular feature in modern homes, so a matching grey deck will really bring your home and garden together.

Grey also matches well with materials like slate, concrete, granite and steel, which are often used in construction, interior design, and garden landscaping. Extending the grey tones to your decking will create the feeling of a unified space both indoors and out.

grey composite deck
grey composite decking

Doesn’t Show Dirt

As an external feature, it’s important to consider how daily use and exposure to the elements will affect the look of your deck.

Grey hides all manner of dirt and grime, so it won’t show every new footprint or speck of dirt. In particular, grey composite decking is a great choice, as it is easy to clean without special wood-friendly cleaning products and won’t warp when it gets wet.

High Quality Grey Decking From NeoTimber®

NeoTimber®’s full range of composite deck boards are available in a beautiful shade of grey, allowing you to take advantage of the grey decking trend without the need for high-maintenance paint or varnish.

Find out more about our durable and stylish decking on our FAQ page, or speak to a member of the team to request a sample and see just how stunning our grey composite decking is.

grey decking

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