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NeoTimber® was founded in 2008 to provide long-lasting, affordable timber-alternative building materials.

The NeoTimber® story dates back to 2008, when two Midlands-based brothers (our founders), put their heads together and decided to try what others had failed to do: provide genuine value in the form of long-lasting, affordable timber-alternative building materials.

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Since the business was founded – the company has grown to provide solutions that cover a wide array of applications, adding value for both homeowners and businesses. Years of industry experience that originated in a product manufacturing and sourcing capacity, the brand has grown, innovated and developed their wide range of composite decking products, whilst putting their customers at the heart of everything that they do.

We explore some of the key elements and philosophies that have brought NeoTimber® to where it is today…

Humble Family Beginnings

The same two brothers who founded NeoTimber® are still very much at the helm of the business today and their laser focus on product development has been instrumental in NeoTimber’s success and ongoing development.

The company’s origins as a product manufacturing company, whereby they previously developed, sourced and manufactured composite decking solutions for main-chain building suppliers, demonstrated a philosophy and focus that revolved around improving products to better serve customers. This philosophy of obsessing over product improvement and providing undoubtable value lies at the heart of the company today.

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High Performing, Quality Products

Cutting their teeth with long-lasting, timber alternative building solutions – our founders soon realised a new reality existed in the industry: there was an immense calling for quality assured composite solutions that didn’t cost the earth.

From then on in, we made the commitment to put our customers’ needs at the forefront of the business. As a result, we strive to offer more than most in the form of first-class service, unbeatable value, and more sustainable, longer-life products for our customers.

A Sustainable Outlook

A conscious approach always has and always will remain at the heart of everything we look to achieve, here at NeoTimber®. Our composite decking products themselves consist of reclaimed timber and recycled plastic and consist of 95% recycled material. We offer a solution that re-uses and re-purposes material destined for landfill to create a product that is engineered to provide users with real long-term value. Further to this, we are committed to trying to minimise the effects of our operations on the environment by ensuring that our manufacturing process, supply and operations remain as sustainable as possible. We review this pledge year-on-year to investigate how we can improve our processes to become more sustainable.

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Translating Our Customer Feedback

Our continued strategy of self-distribution means we work closely with both our products and our customers. In most cases, innovations in our product range have come about from listening to our customers intently, to understand how we can enhance their experience and provide added value.

As a result, we invest heavily into the continual improvement of our ranges of composite decking and more, obsessing over the finer details to ensure our products are of great quality.

Expanding Our Product Lines

At NeoTimber®, composite materials are our bread and butter. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our composite deck boards are high quality and low cost and we intend to carry this ethos through to our new, extended line of composite solutions.

We have developed, over years, a blueprint of performance-enhancing materials that provide genuine value and we seek to apply this to an ever-expanding range of solutions for outdoor spaces. 2021 will see the launch of NeoTimber’s extensive range of new long-life, low maintenance materials such as fencing, cladding and balustrade solutions. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

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