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Introducing design ideas for using NeoTimber® balcony composite decking for your balcony or roof terrace area.

People are often fooled to think that you need a big garden to install composite decking. In fact, composite decking can be installed almost anywhere and can be used to level-up even the smallest of spaces such as balconies and roof terraces.

balcony composite decking

If you’re looking for ways to create stand out appeal with your balcony area, read our top balcony decking ideas below, which are certain to bring vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Turn Your Balcony Into An Outdoor Dining Room

Your balcony composite decking makes the perfect solution for an outdoor floor. It’s weather-resistant capabilities mean it’s no-fuss and no-maintenance! Our capped ranges of composite decking have enhanced stain resistance, meaning you can invite friends over for dinner and worry less about accidental spills and worry more about having a good time!

balcony composite decking

Balcony Decking Ideas – Add A Cover

Ensure your balcony is used all year round by installing a cover to your balcony composite decking project. Think outside the box: instead of building a permanent structure – use umbrellas, or a retractable awning to provide your balcony composite decking space with protection from the elements, come rain or shine.

Extend The Indoors Out

Seamlessly extend your living space using your balcony composite decking. Pick a range and colour that reflects your indoor trends to create continuity between your indoor-outdoor space. This will help to draw the eye outside, seemingly maximising your indoor space.

Bring one or two potted plants inside to picture frame your doorway, creating flow to your outdoors as your plants overspill onto your balcony composite decking. This extension of your indoors creates a visual link between your indoor-outdoor environments.

Add Lights

Liven up your exteriors by lighting up your balcony composite decking area. Lighting can be both cheerful and mysterious depending on whether you use spotlights, twinkly lights, or wall lights. Not only do balcony composite decking lights help to create a blissful ambience, but they also mean that you can enjoy your outdoor space well into the night.

balcony composite decking

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Make the most out of your balcony space using foldable or stackable, lightweight furniture. Easy-to-pack-away furniture is ideal for spaces that don’t have a lot of room. It’s ideal for balcony composite decking spaces that require setting up and packing away in a matter of minutes. Built-in furniture is a great way to maximise your space. Think modular: choose furniture which fits snug into a corner to get the most from your balcony composite decking area. Ottomans and benches are a great way to make the most from your expanse, doubling up as furniture to sit on and storage boxes to tidy away blankets and cushions ready for the colder months.

Accessorise With Greenery

Create an outdoor oasis out of your balcony composite decking with colourful hanging baskets and floral displays. Feeling creative? Why not try making your own DIY planter out of your decking off-cuts to home your blooms? Go one level up and grow your very own herb garden.

balcony decking ideas

Think Vertical

Don’t feel restricted by your outdoor space. Although your balcony composite decking area may be small, don’t overlook the space you have above ground level to brighten up your exterior. Use shelving to give you more space for accessories; or make use of your wall space by hanging lights, plants, or decorations.

Top Tip: Strip and paint an old ladder – a cheap and easy way to create an outdoor shelving unit.

Balcony Decking Ideas – Add A Rug

Outdoor rugs were the latest trend to take over our outdoor living spaces this year. They are a cost-effective way of keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, year-after-year. Opt for one of NeoTimber’s stylish, yet neutral shades for your balcony composite decking and spruce it up with a trendy rug.

balcony decking ideas

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