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Explore how easily composite decking can add value to your outdoor space.

Can installing composite decking add value to your home? Are you considering selling your home but embarrassed by the state of your garden? Maybe you have an old timber deck that is rotting away and unsightly?

Why not invest in NeoTimber’s long-life, timber alternative, composite decking guaranteed to transform your outdoor space and most importantly – add value to your home.

Composite Decking Adding Value To Your Home
does decking add value to your home

A Transferrable Warranty For Ultimate Peace Of Mind

When upgrading your outdoors, it’s important to be mindful of the lifespan of the materials you choose. One of the key advantages of composite is its longevity. NeoTimber’s high-performance decking is built with durability in mind, giving you that added reassurance you’re looking for from an outdoor flooring solution.

Engineered to last, all four ranges of NeoTimber® decking come with a 25-year warranty against material defects and structural damage. This warranty is transferrable once, so most importantly your new buyers can benefit from the boards’ longevity and enjoy their outdoor space with added reassurance.

A Well-Maintained Garden Is More Appealing To A Potential Buyer

Another of the pros that come with purchasing NeoTimber® composite decking, is low maintenance, guaranteed. As the name suggests, NeoTimber’s wood plastic composite decking is comprised of the right blend of both recycled plastic and timber fibres. The result? Timber, without the hassle. This is a far more desirable outdoor flooring solution than its alternative (you wouldn’t welcome potential buyers to your home if you had a damp problem or cracks in your floors, so why would you want to show them your splintered, slippery timber deck)!

An easy-clean flooring solution is just what potential buyers are looking for, not to mention it saves you, the homeowner, the hassle of keeping up its appearance in the time you’re waiting to sell your property.

composite decking add value to your home
decking add value to your home

Assured Safety In Mind

Unlike other outdoor floors, a composite deck board provides reassurance and reliability. A NeoTimber® composite deck board is resistant to the effects of the weather and therefore promises to remain structurally sound throughout its entire lifetime. This ensures a safer family environment… always a bonus for those in search of a new home.

Composite is also resistant to algae growth and moss and mildew build-up, which in turn can take its toll on a number of alternative outdoor flooring solutions and cause a hazardous mess. Not to mention that being greeted by an unsightly, plagued deck area is sure to discourage potential buyers.

Add Value With The WOW Factor

When remodelling or developing your home in preparation for potential new buyers, a key factor to consider is giving your home that WOW-factor. You need to impress your buyers, consider ways in which to make your home stand out from an aesthetic point of view, not just from a performance and functionality perspective.

NeoTimber’s premium composite decking products are expertly crafted and beautifully designed. The wide choice and exceptional value mean there’s a range, type, or colour suitable for all.

does composite decking add value to your home

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