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Learn more on how to style up our NeoTimber® composite decking colours.

As we have grown our composite decking colour range, customers are getting more and more creative with their decking styling using the growing number of colours that we provide. Often – we find our clients scratching their heads for inspiration on how they can style up our boards and which boards complement one another.

composite decking colours

Don’t worry, we get it… we know how frustrating this can be when you are unsure about what colours will complement your deck. The styling part is supposed to be fun right? So below we have provided you with the low-down on how to style contrasting composite decking colours.

Did You Know That You Can Mix & Match The Decking Colours, Creating A Focal Point Within Your Garden Space?

Customers are often asking us whether you can mix and match the deck boards, the answer to this is simple… Yes, you can! Seeing our customers create unique deck designs is great to see and we are always keen to encourage this. Below we have outlined the different composite decking colours we believe contrast best to help aid you in making the right decision to suit your ‘already-in-place’ garden fixtures and fittings.

#1 – Antique & Grey

Our grey board complements the antique as it picks up the dual-tone finish of our antique board and the flecks of grey that run throughout.

composite decking colours uk

#2 – Grey & Charcoal

Create a really contemporary look that lends itself to the monochrome trend with these two colours.

composite decking colours

#3 – Charcoal & Antique

With many more incorporating pale sand tones and dark monochromes within their homes, these two colours paired together can link your interior and garden design together.

composite decking colours uk

#4 – Teak & Chocolate

Looking for a traditional look with a twist, these two colourways paired together can create a contrasting deep brown and golden glow to your garden space.

composite decking colours

What Furnishings Would Complement NeoTimber® Decking Board Colours?

Before choosing your furniture and accessories to decorate your deck, we suggest you have your composite decking installed before purchasing. This will then provide you with the colour you need to then colour-match with your decorative pieces. Below, we give an outline of the core colours we offer and what works best from a design and colour-match perspective.

Our Dual-Toned Composite Board – Antique

The ultimate neutral colour with a premium finish, our antique board brings the indoors outwards. Style this with natural tones of creams, beiges, pale greys and be bold enough to incorporate a pop of black. When it comes to furniture and accessories – we advise sticking to these colours and incorporating sage green-toned plants to really bring out the cool tones within the board’s colouration.

composite decking colours uk

Dare To Be Different With Charcoal

Charcoal is our darkest board with its black colouration, many are daunted by adding black to their garden, but with the trend of adding pops of black to your living space, charcoal will make the perfect extension of that living space into your outdoor space. This board can be perfectly paired with vibrant colours creating a bold statement, lime greens, bright yellow and navy blue’s patterned accessories work best with this monochromatic composite decking colour board.

composite decking colours

Keep It Sleek With Teak

NeoTimber® recommends adding creams and whites against our light oak brown teak board creating a contemporary and calming contrast within your garden space. Our teak board is the closest you will get to achieving that natural traditional timber look, particularly when opting for grooved side up. Light oak tones lend themselves to the Scandinavian trend that we are seeing in both the interiors world and now in garden furnishing design.

composite decking colours uk

Grey Is Our Blank Canvas Board

The sky is the limit with our grey coloured board offering the ultimate contemporary flooring solution to your outdoor space. Because of the neutral tones that feed throughout the length of the board, any colour will pair nicely. We would recommend the use of pastels for a summery vibe or deep navy and sky blues for a complementing contrast against the deep grey flecks within the boards, especially in the Advanced and Deluxe ranges.

composite decking colours

Stay Traditional With Chocolate

Our darkest brown board, sitting between dark walnut and ebony, NeoTimber’s chocolate composite decking is our most traditional colour, bringing the true beauty of timber decking to your garden. Burnt oranges, deep reds, creams and olive greens are our top picks for accessorising this colour of board in your garden.

composite decking colours uk

Hopefully you now are feeling inspired and can go away and style up your deck. Looking to incorporate a new colour-way so your deck contrasts like the composite decking images above, then why not order a free composite deck sample to see what colour works best in your garden.

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