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Composite Decking Solutions For A New Build Garden

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Project Background

In the leafy suburbs of England’s Second City, lies a new build estate of red brick houses. Bold and bright, these houses stand proud on a rise overlooking nearby Solihull. As with many such developments, the canvas is plain, the garden, functional.

However, Michael Beattie and Lucy Cooper have created an oasis of calm from their busy lives in their living area. Cool, muted tones and soft furnishings create a place to unwind and switch off. It comes as no surprise, therefore that they wanted a similar theme for their garden.

Itself an extension of their beautiful home. When they moved in, just over a year ago, there was turf and slabs but no design, no forethought as to how to fully utilise the space.

Project Specification

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Our Proposal

Michael first spoke to NeoTimber® having heard about it from a friend at the golf club. Noting the lack of colour options at the local nursery, he searched online.

What appealed to me about NeoTimber was the fact that it’s made using recycled materials, that was important to me. I also liked the fact that it is non-slip. My brother is disabled, getting about with the aid of a walker and so a flat, non-slip surface was of utmost importance.

 My partner and I really liked the antique colour; it has a warm but natural tone which blends well with our existing palette and beautifully compliments the furniture we had chosen.

Michael and Lucy’s white house sits on a prominent corner. To the rear, grey bi-fold doors open into a garden dominated by a large expanse of rich red brick from the garage, neighbouring house and curved garden wall. To break this up, Michael opted for a corner deck in antique Deluxe, crowned with a pergola. This frames the corner furniture perfectly drawing the eye subtly away from the dominant wall.

To further soften the lines, the composite decking is surrounded by raised planters which have a blend of wild grasses and country garden flowers which overlap the edges of the decking, helping it to meld into its surroundings.

About 50% of our garden is covered by decking, three different areas covering a total of approximately 50m2.  With my brother’s mobility issues, having a strong sturdy base was very important so I opted for the solid boards to ensure minimal flex when he’s moving about. Having the decking fitted has opened up more of the garden to him as previously he couldn’t access large parts of it due to being a little unsteady when walking across grassed areas.

Having moved into the house during lockdown and spent much of their time working from home, it was over a year after they moved in that they were finally able to host a proper housewarming party and invite friends over.

Having people over was a real joy after so long being isolated. I’ve had very positive feedback from them about the decking. My friends and family absolutely love it! A couple of my neighbours are already considering NeoTimber for their garden decking project.

The installer was a family friend, having done some work for my Mum but having watched a couple of the simple how-to installation videos on NeoTimber’s site he was able to install without any complication. He said that it was a great product to work with and that he would definitely use it again.

All in all, the neighbours, family, friends and installer have been blown away by the change the decking has brought to the garden. It has created a base on which to build and develop our design ideas into our outdoor living space. The decking has completely exceeded our expectations.

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