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Introducing the top 10 things that you need to know about NeoTimber® artificial decking.

Artificial decking is a term that often describes composite decking. It generally refers to man-made decking as an alternative to traditional timber deckingNeoTimber’s products are engineered with a focus on improving traditional timber materials and the longevity of the boards. Here we count down the top 10 things that you need to know about NeoTimber’s artificial decking (or ‘engineered decking’ as we like to call it). 

#1 – Artificial Decking Is Anything But ‘Artificial’ Looking

Many of our customers are surprised how realistic our “artificial decking” looks, this has been a constant process of ongoing development and improvement. We have engineered our composite deck boards to resemble traditional timber with both a woodgrain and grooved finish.

artificial decking

#2 – Artificial Decking Is Specifically Engineered To Live Longer Than Timber

NeoTimber’s artificial wood decking has a longer life than traditional timber decking. This is because of the way it is engineered; combining recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres, we have engineered a way to make wood more impervious to moisture.

artificial decking

#3 – Artificial Decking Requires Less Maintenance Than Timber Alternatives

Artificial decking is easier to care for, in fact there is barely any maintenance at all. So, you can say goodbye to those back-breaking hours of painting and staining which come with timber decking, because all you need for composite decking is a jet wash and household soap.

artificial decking

#4 – Composite Decking Isn’t Installed Like Normal Timber Decking

With traditional timber decking, installation is usually performed with the use of decking screws which are screwed into the boards securing them to the subframe. This can cause your boards to warp and provides no ventilation between boards and joists. However, composite decking is installed using an easy fixing system enabling much-needed ventilation and movement when the boards contract and expand.

artificial decking

#5 – Artificial Decking Comes In A Range Of Premium Colours

Timber decking tends to only come in one colour and therefore needs to be painted if a different colour is desired. However, artificial timber decking comes in a multitude of colour tones providing you with a range to suit your garden space.

artificial decking

#6 – Artificial Decking Does Not Splinter Or Crack Like Timber

Unfortunately, once exposed to the elements, timber decking tends to splinter or crack making it a safety hazard. However synthetic decking doesn’t crack or splinter providing you with a smooth surface that is safe all year round.

artificial decking

#7 – Artificial Decking Is Made Up Of Timber & Recycled Plastic

Our artificial deck boards are made up of a combination of recycled plastic and timber fibres moulded together. Artificial decking is a realistic alternative to both plastic and timber decking, which won’t rot or warp, providing a safe surface for entertaining and relaxing on.

artificial decking

#8 – Artificial Decking Offers Better Slip Resistance

Slippery when wet, timber can become a slip hazard due to algae buildup. Artificial decking offers much better slip resistance especially, around a pool or hot tub. We advise using the grooved side up when laying for even better resistance.

artificial decking

#9 – Artificial Timber Decking Is Kind To The Environment

We have engineered our artificial deck boards to have little impact on the environment by using ‘eco-friendly‘ recycled plastic and wood fibres which would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Composite decking is actually a kinder alternative to timber as purpose-planted Sitka Pine forests create unnatural habitats and harbor very little life.

artificial decking

#10 – Artificial Decking Is Reversible

Get into the groove. Traditionally you lay timber decking grooved side up only providing you with one surface grain. However, if you opt for composite deck boards you have a reverse side. Our boards have both a traditional grooved side as well as our popular woodgrain surface pattern.

artificial decking

Please request free samples of our ‘engineered decking’ to see which composite decking colour and composite decking range will fit best within your outdoor living area. For more information on composite decking, when compared with timber, please have a read of our ‘composite vs wood’ comparison.

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