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A guide to using our NeoTimber® composite decking price calculator.

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We’re here to offer a helping hand whenever you should need it, whether it be at the point of initial concept; or the final stages of the installation process. Our website is packed full of (completely free-to-use resources) useful articles, how-to guides, and helpful technical information, helping you to build your dream outdoor space from the convenience of your own home.

composite decking calculator

Just one of the ways you can get instant help is with our quick and easy-to-use composite decking calculator. Using our handy composite decking calculator will help you to figure out your material requirements in seconds, where all you need to know is the square meterage of your area.

In this guide, we take you through the basics of using our composite decking price calculator and figuring out what you will require for your upcoming project.

Price up your requirements in seconds with our handy composite deck calculator.

composite deck calculator

Discover Our Ranges

Before heading over to our composite decking calculator, it’s a good idea to read up on our ranges to give you a little more understanding of their defining features and differences. Compare our ranges to find which composite deck board is right for you. Choose between traditional, second generation ‘capped‘, hollow or solid.

If you’re still undecided as to which range is right for you, take a look through some of our useful articles and downloadable pdf’s. Prefer to speak to someone? One of our team is always on standby and happy to answer any questions you may have, contact us here.

Plan Your Design

Planning your decking design is the fun part. Play around with decking laying patterns or experiment with textures and colours to create a design that’s truly unique to you.

We offer a bunch of inspirational resources on our website and social media channels to really sink your teeth into and get those creative juices flowing. Browse through our image bank of varied installations; take a look at some of our popular applications; or delve into our case study files to inspire your own composite decking project ideas.

Once you have a rough idea as to the area you intend to cover, head over to the composite decking price calculator to get a rough cost estimate.

composite decking price calculator
composite decking calculator

Calculate Your Square Meterage

Calculating your square meterage is a lot simpler than it may sound. Take your width and multiply it by the length in order to find your area. Input this area into the composite decking calculator in order for it to calculate how many boards, joists, and fixings you’ll need to build your deck. Remember each decking project is different, so don’t take the composite decking calculators estimation as gospel.

Add The Finishing Touches

We’re guessing that for many of you reading this article, this is your first (and hopefully last) time buying composite decking?

It’s easy to forget your exposed edges when you’ve never built a deck before. Our sales team are best placed to help you calculate your edging requirements since our composite decking calculator does not include edging solutions, as every decking project differs.

We offer a number of different edging solutions for exposed edges, from edge boards to skirting trims. You’ll find a number of helpful resources on our website which demonstrate how-to fix our composite edging.

composite deck calculator
composite decking price calculator

Speak To Our Sales Team

Although our composite deck calculator gives a very accurate breakdown as to the materials you will require, it is always worth discussing your project with one of our trusted sales team members before going ahead and placing an order. You may have planned a specific design, including curves and diagonal runs for example, which the composite decking calculator will not take into consideration. Or perhaps you haven’t given any thought to a wastage allowance, you wouldn’t want to risk any accidents and end up one board short now, would you?

It’s also important to check that you have chosen the right range for you out of the 4 ranges we offer. Composite decking is built to last a lifetime and our team has years of experience to help you ensure your decision is the right one. The aim is to provide you with added reassurance and peace of mind that you are choosing the right decking range for you. Call us today and we’d be more than happy to go through your requirements and check you have everything you need for completing your project.

Speak to one of our team about your composite decking requirements. Live chat with one of our team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; or speak to one of our sales consultants for your same-day quote delivered straight to your inbox. For projects big or small, residential or commercial, NeoTimber is here to help.

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