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A NeoTimber® guide to composite decking fixings and screws, and how best to use them on your decking project.

We cannot stress enough the importance of using NeoTimber’s purpose-built composite decking screws and composite decking fixings to ensure the longevity of your deck and that it goes the distance. Composite decking projects come in all shapes and sizes, and we realise there isn’t usually a “one size fits all” solution when ensuring your deck is secured correctly.

However, with NeoTimber’s solution, there is a selection of purpose-built fixings that work in conjunction with the composite deck boards. We have outlined below a breakdown of the relevant installation clips and fixings that should be used with our boards.

composite decking screws

Our Purpose-Built NeoTimber® Composite Decking Fixings Securely Fix Our Decking Boards To Your Subframe

We have designed a set of composite decking fixings that work hand-in-hand with our composite decking boards, making the installation stage as simple as possible. But what are the clips we supply and what are their purpose you ask? Below we have outlined how to use each fixing within your project…

What Are NeoTimber® Starter Clips?

Starter clips are fixed onto the very edge of your subframe and securely fix the first run of boards. The starter clip is also used to fix the underneath edge board to your subframe.

How Many NeoTimber® Starter Clips Do I Need For My Project?

We would recommend you use this clip on your first run of deck boards and fix around 10-12 starter clips for each 3.6m decking length. The same amount would be required for fixing the edge board. Most average-sized decking projects (under 80m2) tend to only require 1 pack of starter clips to complete the job.

What Are NeoTimber® FastClips?

These come in either a 3mm stainless steel option or 6mm plastic option. They are designed to securely join one board to another, and each one can be used to fasten your composite decking boards to your subframe. Each have their own specified benefits.

How Many NeoTimber® FastClips Do I Need For My Project?

Like the starter clips, we recommend that you use around 10-12 clips per 3.6m length deck board. Generally, 1 pack of FastClips to every 10 lengths of decking should be sufficient. Our handy decking calculator will provide you with a clear idea based on your dimensions.

Benefits Of Using Plastic 6mm FastClips:

  • They allow a 6mm gap between each board, and although the gap is slightly larger than its stainless-steel alternative, this style allows you to easily uninstall any deck board along a run.
  • The 6mm gap that this clip creates allows for expansion and drainage between the boards.
  • The clips are discreetly hidden in-between the boards creating a seamless finish.
  • Removes the need to screw each board.

Benefits Of Using Metal 3mm FastClips:

  • The 3mm gap that this clip allows for expansion and drainage between the boards.
  • Creates a more discreet finish than the 6mm metal clip, with a neat gap between each board.
  • Removes the need to screw each board.
  • Made from stainless steel ensuring strength and longevity against weathering.

Fixing Your Final Boards With NeoTimber’s Composite Decking Screws

While we strongly advise not to screw our decking boards when fixing, we advise that this should be done on the outer-edge of your final deck board as this offers the most secure installation method for this section of the deck.

What Are Composite Decking Screws?

Fixing your final deck board is made easy and discreet with NeoTimber’s decking screws. Fix one at every 350mm – either through the grooved-channel that runs down the side of the board or through the face of the deck.

Benefits Of Composite Decking Screws:

  1. Our decking screws are colour coded, designed to complement your NeoTimber® deck boards.
  2. Our premium screw offers a secure solution to fixing the final decking boards on a run.
  3. Can also be used to securely fix NeoTimber’s decking as a fascia board, too.
composite decking screws

How Many Composite Decking Screws Do I Need For My Project?

Like our clips, we recommend that you use around 10-12 screws per board. Generally, 1 pack every 10 lengths of decking.

Fixing Trims Are Done Expertly With Decking Trim Screws

To expertly finish the exposed edges and perimeter of your deck area, we advise that trims are fixed using our composite decking trim screws.

What Are Composite Decking Trim Screws?

As the name suggests, NeoTimber’s trim screws are designed to install both trim options that we supply – our skirting trim and corner trim. While some customers opt to glue their final edging options, we advise that fixing them with a screw is most suited and will ensure a long-term fixing, removing any danger of the trim twisting or warping over time. 

  1. Trim screws are an excellent choice for discreetly fixing both corner and skirting trims to your boards or subframe.
  2. They are very easy to use.
  3. The thread and torx head delivers a clean, finished look along the fascia offering a seamless and secure fixing.
  4. Colour coded to match our corner and skirting trims.
composite decking fixings 

How Many Composite Decking Trim Screws Do I Need For My Project?

We advise using around 10 screws per either skirting or corner trim. Additional fixing may be required if installing on a particularly high footfall area.

Our Composite Decking Screws & Fixings – The FAQ’s

Can You Screw Composite Decking?

NeoTimber® advises against screwing composite decking boards across the main decking area and to only use their purpose-built decking screws when they are unable to use a clip (either at the edge of the deck or on the fascia of a deck area).

How Often Do I Install A Clip On My Decking?

We suggest you fix a clip at every intersection between a board and a joist as this guarantees a secure fixing. If you have stick to our guidelines as per our installation guide, this means you will fix a clip at every 250-350mm along its length.

Are Screws Provided With Clips?

Each of our box of clips come with the torx head screws, a relevant drill bit and a neat spacer to allow you to evenly space your deck boards are butt joins.

Can I Use An Alternative Supplier’s Clips To Fix NeoTimber® Composite Decking Boards?

We advise against this as our clips are purpose-built to allow for the adequate spacing between our NeoTimber® boards.

What Gap Do The Clips Create?

The side-to-side spacing between the boards is mainly dictated by the type of clip you opt for. Our 3mm stainless steel clip allows for a 3mm gap and our 6mm plastic FastClip allows for a 6mm gap. 

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